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  1. I agree 100%. It’s a collection of issues and once addressed the correct way the opportunities are endless! One must completely clean house and build from the ground up. One set of rules every kid follows. Same consequences for all! I’m afraid it’s going to take some time and the right person but I’m willing to sacrifice a few years to change the culture.
  2. Of course not! The truth of it is Baca and Plunk both sold their souls to the local political influence and had the nuts of dinosaurs to continue the same scheme week after week without change all the way to a 0-10 season while the discipline eroded further than the previous AD left it.
  3. His record verifies he’s a loser. You must be a part of that losing program as well.
  4. How? He and Plunk have the worst record in our schools history. Which now I’m hearing they both have started pointing the finger at the other on who’s to blame for their embarrassing season. Which is exactly what losers do. Ban them both for life for being total losers.
  5. So outstanding he should be acknowledged for his success at teaching kids how to handle losing consistently. Hats off to him for this achievement he rightfully has earned.
  6. Baca has a combined record of 3-30 in the last 3 years. Who in their right mind would hire that?
  7. That’s my point exactly and why I’m highly concerned we won’t be attractive to a top tier coach. In Atlanta if you don’t play daddy’s boy the mob will come after you but if you play daddy’s boy you will go 0-10 and the other mob will come after you. Look on the field any game and you will see the privileged dad mob alive and well along the sidelines or sitting in their lawn chairs behind the end zone. Most of their kids wouldn’t play in Queen City but Atlanta will start them because of who they are. If that’s not influence I don’t know what is.
  8. Sadly the problem runs deeper than the AD. It starts in the youth programs and runs all the way thru 12th grade. Atlanta doesn’t play their best players they play whichever way they are influenced. Plunk was a fall guy to make the previous AD’s toxic culture look like a blessing. You only fix the problem by eliminating anyone who has been part of that toxic culture completely. I’m not sure there is a coach in the state of Texas that wants to inherit over a decade of non disciplined athletes coupled with having to deal with the “dad mob” outside influence of Atlanta’s Elite! We have the talent, we need an AD with some Nuts to do the right thing and stand up to the outside influence that has held us back for years!!
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