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  1. Good day everyone we are Central Heights Soccer Club located outside Nacogdoches. We have recently formed a soccer club so one day the school district will incorporate. On the mean time we have 3 teams and we are looking for games. We have a boys middle school team, a girls middle school and a high school team. Our email is [email protected] contact us via email or in this platform. Have a great day
  2. Hello we are a recently formed soccer club from a small town called Central Heights outside Nacogdoches. We have a boys middle school team, we have a middle school girls team and a high school co-Ed teams. Please contact us if you are interested in playing.
  3. Hello we are a recently formed soccer club in Central Heights, small town outside Nacogdoches. We are a club team that has a middle school team for boys, middle school team for girls and co-Ed team for high school. Our objective for this club is that one day the CH ISD will adopt soccer and become and official sanctioned UIL sport. We are looking for teams to play. Please contact us. We will love to play. Have a good day
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