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  1. Fine the school district, put the people at hand on probation, but don’t punish the kids.
  2. Obviously it’s horrible for the kids and new coaching staff. The real issue is the UIL punishing kids for adult mistakes, they were one kid over the limit not 50. 2 year post season ban is harsh and unfair. If the UIL claims to really be about the kids like they say they do they wouldn’t take 2 post seasons from kids. Find a way to punish the adults responsible is what should have happened.
  3. Tatum learning a new system on both sides of the ball, losing over 20 seniors Center is gonna be an extremely difficult game for Tatum.
  4. I just think Tatum needs to switch it up and go for somebody younger. The “seasoned vet” coach hasn’t worked out in Tatum’s favor lately.
  5. Tatum swings again and…… strikes out again. I give Keeling 3 years and he’ll be out!
  6. Tatum needs a guy who is young, hungry, and wants to rebuild a program that has pretty much everything. Tatum has the facilities, Athletes, and the money to attract people to the job, but they can’t seem to keep the guys they hire. They have struck out the last 3 times in searching for “the guy” this time they need to look for someone who is young and can bring a young energetic staff who is looking to build a program and bring back life to a program that has revolving door lately. As I read earlier The OC and DC have teaching positions… which I get you have to be an educator first but most OC’s and DC’s at other schools are not in a classroom and if they are they are not teaching 7 classes a day. So what it sounds like to me is Tatum needs to become more coach friendly so they can keep guys around longer for more than 1-3 years at a time. It’s gonna take more then just hiring a “big name” to turn it around it’s gotta start all the way at the top with administers and trickle down all the way down to the athletes to get them to buy into the program and the guy they are bringing in.
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