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  1. I think it's pretty cool their new school is nice. I'm sure they'll be a powerhouse in 3 years.
  2. So left to come back the next morning..... sounds like a miserable 6 games coming up.
  3. Takin them boys from the O Block. Heard they got things rolling there
  4. Anyone realize how far that is??? Sucks to have a JV game there
  5. Boss Hogg left them ole Duke Boyz alone is what I heard.. heard it is a mess there. Hell I'm all the way in Corsicana and heard about it..
  6. Well.....I think I will switch my pick to PT and after what I heard this morning...
  7. I think Hooks starting out really good and Melissa and Koff already showing signs of being in mid season form.
  8. That would be a good one too! Koff is about as far as I would go for ETX. Haha only if you can still get KLTV and Mark Scirto does your weather.
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