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  1. Hopefully Koff will win and maybe they can build some new things around there. I went back in the spring and I wasn't impressed with the facilities. But then again it may make them soft so I guess if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  2. I don't think JT would look to a small school guy. Tyler period. Small school wouldn't relate to any school in Tyler for that matter. Too political I think. But I could see a city coach coming in with a decent resume. I think JT is going to go away from the hometown guy (someone local) after Holmes and branch out to the city. It's just a matter of who it is.
  3. Uh yeah that's what I was thinking....
  4. Haven't watch Poth before but I assume we're being East Texas hopefuls and wish Harmony will pull it out. Never have I ever watched a team change offense and make it to state. Sounds like a good ol Friday Night Lights saga. I'm rolling with Harmony. Bandwagon...oh well. It's ETX all the way.
  5. Think I'll go with Beltline Road on this one and say SOC will win. I have a strong feeling it will be a shootout but I think this game is where momentum and the crowd will be very beneficial and helpful. SOC by 10
  6. He started it lol (kiddy voice) anyways Lobos by 4hunnit. Tatum is too powerful in that backfield. Just control the clock and use that John King recipe and the Lobos will be fine. I got my ticket and will be pumped to watch the Lobos make history once again.
  7. Heard Tyler High is search for the Duncanville DC or OC
  8. Still convinced that CH and Kilgore has the hardest bracket. Nobody plays football down in the SA area...
  9. If Kilgore can control the clock and play good in the secondary they will have a chance. Games like this is when you throw wrinkles into the playbook that will be big hitting plays. You virtually have over 20 games on each other so you know each other well enough. It just comes down to execution. This is why games like this are so fun to watch because you never know what's going to happen. Just don't start out slow. That's the worst thing to do in a playoff game especially. My prediction is 31-28....Kilgore will win on a walk off field goal.
  10. 4 is a lot for sure. It's a lot on the plate but utilize your coaches as well. I'm an outsider too. I just have a lot of friends who are involved in coaching and I learn a lot from them. Seems to be pretty true what they're saying. I attend games throughout ETX and I see different atmospheres at different schools and it's noticeable for sure.
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