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  1. Yeah that's the truth. Why complain about literally a few dollars when you spent thousands on taxes anyways. It doesn't make sense to me.
  2. I saw where Center approved of new facilities. Longview is pretty pissed since they failed lol
  3. Well looks like every school district that put up for improved facilities has failed this past week... has Texas high school football reached its' cap??
  4. Wild card... Cayuga maybe? The Shead days
  5. D-field was ahead of their time. How many D1 guys did they have on that team?
  6. What is your top 3 teams to ever come thru East Texas?
  7. Who would want this mess anyway? No talent. No money. No support.
  8. Very believable, but at the same time "money makes the world go around". Especially in small town USA, you defeat that problem by getting involved on different boards. Just hope they're seniors and you won't have this problem next year lol
  9. Possibly taking over in a couple of years...maybe
  10. Kilgore has a good young group coming up
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