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  1. Provide more job opportunity. Plants factories. Hire employees who have kids that play .
  2. Am I the only person who lives in ETX and still doesn't know where this place is???
  3. I wish Coach King the best for his career, but like the saying says "all good things come to an end". When King retires, who would be the next in line? Kind of like Nick Saban at Bama..who would want that pressure???
  4. This goes back to the point I tried to make on another post about having great job opportunity within your city and also affordable housing. Honestly people move to Longview or Carthage.
  5. wth... the admin makes it sound like athletics isn't a priority. How can you go a whole spring and NOT try to hire someone.
  6. Whoever gets this job better exempt push ups from the workout and conditioning program
  7. If you haven't learned anything yet.... get a plant or factory in your city with a lot of affordable housing and you may have the recipe...cities have done it for years. The towns that suffer are the ones who don't want the housing or factories.
  8. lol yeah right and I'm Nick Saban looking at the Nac job
  9. Any word on this? It's been quiet in the 936 area
  10. I mean lets admit nobody heard of Mt. V until Briles got there.
  11. I believe that old well is running dry in Mt.V. The glory days have come and gone. Winny will dominate the district for the next 3+ years.
  12. Did they find a Supt?..I thought I read the last one stepped down this past fall..
  13. My job is always taking applications.. sitting on the porch with a few cold ones can get lonely sometimes
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