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  1. Why did CH start out so slow against Lumberton? I saw CH was down 2 scores before the big comeback.
  2. Heard neither coach got their contract renewed.
  3. Yeah I wouldn't report false information.. that's people livelihood. I'm just here to gather info
  4. Reliable source. Former coach that was at Legacy. Holmes is officially gone from what he said and the Legacy coach is awaiting a decision from the higher ups..
  5. Heard both schools at TISD are looking for head coaches.....
  6. 21-17 West. After watching MV they are good but so 1 dimensional. I'm about to take a look at West later this evening. I want to go to the game but that evening hunt is calling my name. Hopefully it's online and I can watch in the stand. I got some of those fancy ear pod buds my grandbaby got me.
  7. I see it constantly. Might as well do it to please the people
  8. I really wish Longview and Carthage would schedule a game so people would shut up. It'll make a good sale and also every week I see someone arguing about it on Fbook.
  9. Well whatever works lol can't fault them for that
  10. When is the new stadium suppose to be built?
  11. garrison must be good if they hung with Timpson like they did.
  12. WR might get upset.. I def could see PP beating them
  13. Now is Garrison that good???? I saw the score with Timpson.. did that stud get hurt or something?
  14. I think G'water is ready to pull out the oranges.. if you come down to the wire with WO then it's pretty bad.
  15. Relive a time when you remember a 4th seed making a state playoff run..
  16. Old Harmony making a little noise. I guess that spread is doing some good. I will be watching. When will tickets go on sale?
  17. Well tbh it's not much to choose from between Tatum and Mt. Vernon. Maybe Marshall but that's about it. Venue wise you're handcuffed where to play. For the game, it will come down to the trenches. Mt. Vernon lost their QB and Tatum can't defend the deep ball so the game will be won between the Tackles. Who can control the ball and clock? That is what the game will come down to.
  18. Sylva Bay Academy and Canton Christian got moved to Thursday too
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