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  1. I'm saying this based off of the fact that the topic said "can any team in D2 beat Carthage". So I'm saying that there are more qualified teams to beat Carthage in D1 than D2. To hell with it lol impress me... go beat Lovejoy or SOC.
  2. Uhhh I don't have a dog in the fight. I'm just going with the gut and trust me it's a big gut lol
  3. Good match up. Both are full of tradition. Celina is my pick.
  4. I've seen a lot of football in my day and when you get teams who are predictable it is easier to play against. The scariest teams are they ones who you know are talented but also as people say "have some s*** up their sleeve". It's the what if factor that will keep the coordinators thinking at all time. Stubbornness won't win you this game. It's chess not checkers.
  5. Well... they both are so familiar with each other that they know what they ate for breakfast this morning. Games like this it gonna come down to who makes less mistakes and also who can throw a wrinkle into their traditional playbook. They potentially have over 30 games on film of each other from the past 2 to 3 years. Not saying change the scheme, but a reverse or double pass or something out of the ordinary to change momentum, and get a cheap score is what it will come to. Your basic plays will be basic and typical on both sides but what is the change up or homerun ball that will be shown. That's what will win the game. I say it will possibly go to OT or Kilgore by 3.
  6. What years were they D1? I forgot. I thought it may have been 14? But it was only about one or two realignments right?
  7. I think it'll be a game where you can't afford to play catch up for sure. Turnovers and 3 and outs will lose you this game. I think someone mentioned earlier Koff strong point is run defense. I hope everyone stays healthy so it is evenly matched.
  8. Uh... no. Until Carthage goes 4A D1 it'll be the same repeating thing every year. Kind of like Sam Houston State...they won the last 10 years in the Southland Conference and when the made the move to FBS things changed drastically. It's tough going from the biggest fish in the little pond. I mean that's their numbers but what's the challenge in it? Lol you can opt to going 4A D1 if the numbers are close enough...
  9. The most anticipated matchup for this region. Think Koff will pull it out based on the fact they can run and have an air attack. Def a big time game. Gotta work out of town this week or I'd be there. Where will it be streamed?
  10. I want to go Dfield but I just have a feeling that they will get exposed. Happens every year. Honestly Dfield could potentially have at least 6 more state titles but they always get beat in the 3-5th round. The talent isn't the problem. I'm going Newton based off of the fact Dfield always seems to find the worst luck in games like this.
  11. Might as well not prolong the butt kicking or changing plans. Timpson by 21+
  12. Haven't heard much from Sunnyvale. Gilmer will walk this round
  13. If I remember correctly, I thought SH was a locked district. Nobody in Texarkana is locked anymore and if it is then PG but sounds like they accept transfers. If you want the numbers up, unlock the district and build apartments.
  14. I mean technically no but yes. You see it all the time. Whenever a dynasty doesn't produce like they have years before people will say "falling off". Look at dynasties such as Alabama, Cowboys, early 2000s Miami, Mid 2000s Florida, Southlake Carroll just to name a few. When people see you in and out of championships for a span of time and then it's not the same results, it will be considered falling off. Even if they are top ranked, they will always be compared to the greats and be considered underachieved.
  15. Oh I'm not discrediting yall at all. I think we got use to seeing greatness and now it's just a good team. Everybody remember the dynasty days. So that's what they'll always be compared to. Nothing against Gilmer. I'm sure when Surratt leaves with the next 20 years from Carthage people will say the same thing.
  16. I'm thinking it's a toss up. Gilmer isn't the old Gilmer and Center can't stop Ned in the 5th grade on defense.. I'll go Center based off the fact they can score 50+ easily.
  17. Let me go hit this Powerball real quick...be right back
  18. Too bad etx doesn't have an indoor stadium like the Star. Rotate games all Thursday- Sunday night.
  19. preferably a football field somewhere.. stands are optional. I have a lawn chair in the pick up at all times.
  20. If you know or hear anything about 1st round games and sites you can post here. Hopefully it's some ETX football out here around the Corsicana area. Any classification.
  21. I figured the Kansas City Chiefs and Carthage would be the state game.
  22. Hey lol nothing is wrong with the old rodeo area there in winnsboro!
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