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  1. Congrats to Tamp. He gets kids and is a tireless worker. Great hire for Henderson.
  2. 3rd Round Tenaha vs Timpson LaPoynor vs Grapeland Beckville vs Hawkins Martins Mill Vs Frankston 6 of the 8 left are from 2 districts.
  3. Can y’all smell Jurry World??? I think your football team can!!! Let that sink in.
  4. Harmony HC Jeremy Jenkins is COY and it ain’t close . If you keep up you know this is true.
  5. Yup and the Smoaky Clowns were killing him earlly in the year. Zero doubt Coach Jenkins is Coach of the Year.
  6. Oh my! Was told that one of Tenaha coaches put on Twitter that “Cushing is on the clock” this week…..ouch
  7. Rams are well coached every year . Just seem to get hit by the injury bug. Hoping they stay healthy this year.
  8. Not true! They went on a run of both LOS dominating and some 3 yds and cloud of dust studs!
  9. Harmony talent ain’t the same! You smoaky cats just talk to talk!
  10. At what point does Therwanger and that staff get recognized for what they have done at Timpson. He coached his tail off at Lovelady too. Lots of kids graduated last year and they appear to be just as dominate.
  11. This job isn’t a job folks are just slobbering over. Alto , Carlisle in same Dist now ups the stakes …plus it’s obvious it’s a job that the coaches take punches in THE BACK And FACE or they wouldn’t be leaving that pay EVERY TWO YEARS!
  12. Cloudy is a good man . Tenaha needs a man to shut up the locals. They think they know what’s best. They don’t. They Destroy locker rooms ever year.
  13. Alex Cloudy is the only option for Tenaha. None other will work .
  14. Jackson and Claiborne built that hoop-house and Bodden and Jenkins just kept it going. Great talent at Tenaha every year.
  15. With Alto dropping to 2A-D2 I would be shocked if he left. Alto will be a Reg 3 contender every year in D2.
  16. It appears from the outside that the Tenaha job not what it was at one time. Pay is great they say. Alto and Carlisle dropping to 2A D2 and will be in same district I’m sure. There has to be a reason everyone keeps leaving that place .
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