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  1. So is EF looking to replace a superintendent or coach first
  2. Matt Goode definitely earned the defensive coordinator spot hopefully Swaim will get a shot at O- coordinator. He’s the best O-line coach Waskom has ever had
  3. I’m pretty sure on a chat forum anyone is entitled to an opinion and I could really care less who I’m talking to. Only time will tell if it was a rushed decision or not. Looking from a far the Keeling situation was handled poorly but that’s a done deal as well. I think it was a rushed hire but I don’t make those decisions and it’s done now so we’ll see. Waskom has always had athletes and always will. Coaches make differences though because if they didn’t Waskom would have been in the playoffs the past 20 years because they would’ve been able to out athlete opponents.
  4. No Loyd I pay taxes in EFISD was just a Waskom Alum that’s not worried with running for school board. I was a freshman playing special teams and some defense when Andre Spearman was robbed of a touchdown against Pewitt. I’ll always love to see Waskom win and the school board is not the only issue, it’s also community involvement like running for school board so I’ll agree with you there . Wish Pearson the Best, but really hope Goode elevates himself where he’ll be ready to take over a Waskom program or go make a name for himself as an AD/HC elsewhere. I had my chance to play under Coach J the last big run Waskom ever made before Keeling. I’ll always pull for Waskom no matter who’s at the helm, just as I stated my opinion like others I think it was a rushed hire but it’s over and done with now so let’s see what happens. I just hope it’s better than his Brownsboro record!
  5. That’s crazy to think that, and that 2A football isn’t always a better route with Timpson Shiner and some others. Surely the board and Chapman will come together and make it happen for the district
  6. Yea I was a little off on that OC, that was from a bad source! What about Dillion Jackson DC at Parkway, what happened with him?
  7. I know a lot are against it just by reading that wake up EF page but it’s not like you have to take every person that tries to transfer in. I was just curious why enrollment has fallen so much at EF? I’ve got family that teaches there and cousins that are students and it seems like a battle of old money and people set in their ways versus new ideas and people wanting changes made for the betterment of the district as a whole
  8. Whatever happened with the transfer discussion?
  9. I completely agree! Cole is a special talent and Coach Watson will be missed too plus Mrs. Watson seemed to be a good principal. Welch will play o line in college. Losing the Speight’s in Waskom is as big to me as losing Keeling. I just hope no matter what the kids get the treatment they deserve. Waskom will be alright hopefully we’ll be back in the hunt again soon! I’m just ready to see these boys go to the playoffs in basketball and hopefully baseball and softball get better!
  10. Waskom and EF have problems hopefully we’ll keep both programs on track but it’s not looking as promising as it should
  11. Deberry Jacket and Jacket52 I wish y’all the best of luck. The LA coach would’ve been a good one. Is Chapman keeping everyone in the dark because he has his own candidate picked out. Hopefully yalls coach will be able to start before July
  12. I wish Pearson the best, I played during the Jesurun era. Waskom has always had athletes it just never clicked like it did with Keeling. Steve Brown, Tracey Moore, Kenneth Jackson etc. Waskom can do big things I just hope this is a good hire. And to say not to base a coach off of Brownsboro record because they’ve never done anything? Waskom hasn’t been relevant until Keeling showed up. And waterboy I can’t run for school board because my job had me move out of Waskom’s district but I sure hope those two spots that are opening up are filled with people that actually have kids in school and aren’t getting on there for their own personal agendas. What everyone better hope is that we don’t lose anymore kids than we already are and Pearson sends us some coaches that have kids who are athletes and wives that are teachers, because a lot of teachers are going to leave as well.
  13. Yea I know Lloyd was there and also like I said we got lucky and found a man devoted to Waskom and gave it all to the community. To not let the man finish out his last days and then not even show up to the athletic banquet? Yea Lloyd is a real winner
  14. What’s Carthage do in Basketball?
  15. With that coach I’m sure they do, Keeling will keep athletes in Tatum. You’re getting a future all state center and possibly all state qb as well coming to the dirty birds
  16. Beckville or Timpson coach would be two good hires if they wanted to leave for more money. But Beckville is pretty stacked for years to come unless they get plucked away by Tatum and Carthage
  17. I’m just going off info I was told by a few relevant people. He coached Litty at Calvary and got him to a D1 school. Best of luck on y’alls search I hope it’s better than Waskom’s
  18. Heard the OC at Spring Hill that has ties to Calvary Christian in Shreveport was interested but I guess nothings ever panned out? Runs shotgun RPO
  19. Waskom rushed this hire he won’t be in place until July 1st and didn’t prove anything at Brownsboro. Until the select few people on the school board are removed Waskom will have talent just as always but won’t have the coach to get them there. Pearson was so hyped up as a DC when he was with Waskom but anyone could have Ben a solid DC with Amie, Benton, the Johnson’s and others. Might as well bring Jesurun back if we were looking in the retirement pool. We should have went after the Timpson coach or Beckville and made Waskom a job people would want to come to. As long as Lloyd and others are calling shots Waskom will be mediocre
  20. Not real pleased that Waskom rushed their hire and brought in someone that didn’t prove anything when he left us the first time and now for some reason can’t do anything until July. Until Waskom changes some members on that school board we will be on a downward spiral for a while. Might as well brought Jesurun back!
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