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  1. It'll take a new QB and a new Coach before Marshall becomes a team to take serious again. This coach has officially checked out, the vanilla scheme on both sides of the ball is elementary and no team leaders to help pull them out the funk. Big red lady luck is missing and can't be found this week, Nac wins!
  2. Facts! Whitehouse wins this one with their second team offense. It's entertaining so I read thread but why do that to yourself?
  3. This one is a lot like the Henderson vs Kilgore matchup, why even post it this week? I'm no psychic but I know the outcome of both.
  4. I would like to be the first to congratulate MP and Nac on making the 3-4 spot and making it to the first round of the playoffs. Reining District Champ Texarkana has come back strong from the end of last season and only has one more contest in Whitehouse. Whitehouse its a toss up between you and Texarkana for District. Good luck! PT, Hallsville and Marshall maybe next season. At the end of the day, no team in this District has a chance against the likes of a Melissa in the first round. I guess we all do this for bragging rights on what bad team beat the other bad team. Hope everyone ends the season injury free.
  5. Top 50 E. TX. Qb's since 2000. Moseley 29th https://t.co/pwfPAbJn08
  6. Good stuff, a few more thoughts going into Friday. I assume we can both agree that Texarkana, Longview, Carthage and Kilgore are better teams at this point. Henderson is just bad. I can't speak on JT but they were terrible last year they do seem to be a formidable opponent this year and SS 7-1 last yr with their only loss coming to Hallsville before losing their starting QB this yr Hallsville lost both backs in that loss they are a formidable opponent. Terrell had a playoff run last year knocking out Texarkana in the first round. PT well they havn't done anything since graduating DJ. I feel this Friday night may be more evenly matched than what some think or this poll shows. I for one didn't play the poll because this is the first game I can't pick. It's going to be a good one! Also, here are a few more Mavs that deserve a shout out..Terrance Shaw, Londell Johnson, Tremayne Green, Alfred Jackson Chad Fox, Stanly Thomas
  7. I'm tilted towards Marshall BUT in the battle of Harrison County expect the unexpected. IMO both teams are not where they want to be at this point in the season. Marshall seems to be clicking a tiny bit better at this moment BUT neither team has played to par as of yet. This one has the build up to be a good game that matters to no one BUT the ones in Harrison County. For the ones looking in from the outside it's a Marshall Layup BUT if you are a resident of Harrison County this one should be a toss up. I'm torn here?
  8. Kilgore has had Hallsville's number in seasons past and nothing changes Friday Kilgore should win this comfortably. I do think the Bobcats put up more points than PT...LOL vs Kilgore and I also believe the Bobcat defense is better than advertised.
  9. Marshall in a blowout! Respectfully, Henderson is not 8-5A competition worthy. Hallsville took this game/opportunity to look at what they had and to get better for upcoming district play. This game was never close the minute Henderson tied it Hallsville put the starter back in and scored on the first play. The stats show you all you need to know. I look for Marshall to run up the score to adjust for last weeks loss to Longview.
  10. I sure hate it for the 83% that picked the Lions to win this game. No hard feelings to the Homers and Haters but why did you feel so confident this would be a Lions win? I mean you had a Bobcat team that went 7-4 vs a lions team that were what 1 and done last year? Overall the Bobcats finished with like 461 total yds of offense last night with 250 + on the ground. The running back avg. over 10yds a carry if the play calling was changed they could have put this one away on the ground but felt the need to get the passing game going and get some work in with other backs. I'm sure Henderson coaching is moving in the right direction and mean no disrespect but I feel they have a LONG way to go to be ready for district play. Good luck next week vs the Mavs!
  11. It was this very game last season that put the dagger in the heart of the Lion. They used words like average ... and Hallsville won this game with ease. Moseley even got to sit out for a quarter and a half while the back up continued to punish the lions defense. I feel this game is the easiest game on the Bobcats schedule and if they lose it could be the dagger in the heart of the Bobcat. My guess is no starter sits this game and Bobcats win by 10+
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