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  1. Marshall 3-2 record | Wins 3 games against 1-15 record opponents. Marshall 2 losses: Carthage - district champs Longview - district champs Hallsville 3-2 record | Wins 3 games against 5-15 record opponents. Hallsville 2 losses: Kilgore - district champs Texas High - district champs My early prediction 1-3 seeds hasn’t changed I have 1. T High 2. Hallsville 3. Marshall the rest will battle it out. It’s still early but my prediction is that this game is for the second seed and I’ll take the Bobcats!
  2. Tigers played well and continue the district win streak at 18 straight. The fireworks at the start of the game were awesome! Good luck on the rest of your season!
  3. (3-1) T-High is the obvious pick this week and very deserving due to their 17 straight district game winning streak. The current (3-1) Bobcats in last seasons game did give the Tigers a scare scoring more points than any of the 13 teams the Tigers played. Hallsville's QB passed for 310 yds in their loss to the Tigers and returns in this game. I believe the Bobcats will win this week in an upset to end the streak.
  4. The Bobcats travel to Grim park to kick-off district play. The Texarkana Tigers have won 17 straight district games. This game has early DC implications and the winner should be the team to beat moving forward in district play. Can the Bobcats end the streak or will T-High make it 18?
  5. Just to clarify, Marshall had at least a quarter 1/2 or sufficient time to score against reserves and finished with a goose egg? Asking for a friend!
  6. Did Carthage put in 2nd or 3rd group last night or was Carthage trying to make a statement?
  7. Kilgore played a great game and I expect them to win district with ease.
  8. I mean 0-4 Pittsburgh put up 22 points on Carthage. To score 0? Will Marshall be able to pull out some wins in district play?
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