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  1. Heard they got the entire Days Inn by Windham right by AT&T booked
  2. Raiders Air raid too much for the Hornets
  3. One page on a Wed for this game, my how times have changed
  4. Nothing like a good ole kneel down to run out the clock
  5. Looks like the Air Raid ers were in full force tonight
  6. Just now half, if he leaves now he can catch second half KO lol
  7. Worked for the Cowboys with an index card recently as well lol
  8. Marshall Nac Whitehouse T High Pine Tree Hallsville Mount Pleasant
  9. Back in my sophomore year of HS, we played our rivals week 2 of the season. During the week they came over and poured diesel in our endzone in the shape of male private parts that took up the entire endzone and set it on fire. So for the the rest of the year, if you driving towards the south endzone, you were literally running into a penis and balls. Looking back, got to admit it was pretty funny
  10. MV Edgewood Mineola Rains Winny Pott Bonham
  11. Farmersville Rusk Groesbeck Westwood West Rusk Connally Rockdale
  12. Newton New Waverly San Aug Gladewater Hooks New Diana West Rusk Winny QC EF
  13. That's always how I figured out we lost on the road if the socials were quite lol
  14. Am I the only one that read the title in a Owen Hart voice lol
  15. L-E had some talent come out of the backfield in the late 00's-early 10's
  16. They shouldn't have problems scoring points that's for sure this upcoming season. With the talent at receivers and RB they should put up a lot of points
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