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  1. Any slower you might not be with us today gotta love those angry dads growing up
  2. I can run a 4.4 if something big is chasing me lol
  3. Could be a key loss for the Bears D then
  4. Cabot ran it under Malham who had over 300 wins. Retired a few years back and now joined the 21st century and runs the spread -
  5. Looks like one of those travel ball unis
  6. Ark High is open since Norton retired, that'd be a good fit for Morris
  7. Must be going to coach NAIA ball
  8. The parents today are what's wrong with this country. They blame everyone else and think the world is against their angels when they get in trouble for actually doing illegal things or acting up in school and such. When I was coming up you got in trouble in school or out in public, you had it coming again when you got home
  9. Is this the year MV finally gets turf and bleachers voted in??
  10. Ark High is a train wreck right now. I don't see it getting any better soon either
  11. That's funny right there I like it lol
  12. Human error should not happen like that at the buzzer in a game like this
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