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  1. Who is rumored to come with him? Need an OL coach? asking for a friend....
  2. I am trying to find my way into Texas hs coaching. Any advice on where to begin?
  3. When will Sabine and Spring Hill know who their coach is?
  4. In my parish I have seen it take an entire semester- even seen where a head coach had to "volunteer " through spring before publicly accepting the job at end of semester. (RED-Tape) ...Puts the kids and the program in a bind.
  5. In Texas ,what's the usual turn around time for a head job opening to completion of hire?
  6. What's the process for outsiders of Texas into Texas for teaching certifications?
  7. Shame because from an outsider it looks like they could have a little gold mine if they expanded their resources
  8. In early discussions I noticed lots of hindrance from the board.
  9. what's holding back Sabine from new updated facilities? How does Texas AD and Head coach pay work?
  10. new to the forum. reading up a lot on the recent opening at Sabine High. What's the word in east TX of Louisiana coaches getting jobs? Do outsiders have any opportunity in?
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