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  1. Example #6: I'll leave you alone and let you keep thinking you know who I am. I'm not trying to embarass you, I'm not going to call you names and I'm certainly not going to get dragged down into the muck arguing back and forth. I think I've done a good job of showing you exactly where you made posts that aren't factual. I know this forum lends itself to opinion and speculation. That's all well and good but I take issue with posters that keep pushing a false narrative (the superintendent was dragging his feet and was in over his head) like you have in this thread. You are not a board member, you weren't on the hiring committee and you are not an administrator; therefore, you have no idea what the entire hiring process consists of. Please stop posting as if you do. Have a great day!
  2. Example #5: Even if he failed the background check? Or has multiple credible sources stating that he has character issues? That is not how you hire people that will influence the students of the district.
  3. Example #4: The superintendent was going through the process just fine until someone over-stepped their bounds and interfered.
  4. Example #3: That coach was interviewed and did not make the cut for several reasons. You're trying way too hard to pin this on the superintendent.
  5. Do you know how long it takes to properly screen and complete the due diligence research on several candidates? No, you don't. Unless you are a coach, superintendent or administrator (and you clearly are not) you have no idea what the process involves. Only an idiot would rush a process like this.
  6. Example #1: Unless you've been part of the past or current hiring committees or have some administrator level of knowledge of the applicants, you have no clue what types of coaches apply.
  7. From what you have posted, I feel like I know more that you do about the situation. Trust me, you don't. But no need to continue to argue. Thank you. Technically, the interim superintendent made the choice. Not gonna get into those details. Because you can't. But from who I think you are, you should be very familiar with the committee and what took place on the committee. I am. I have very little patience for anonymous message board/social media keyboard warriors because you state rumors and hearsay as fact and other people run with it. If you don't know, don't post.
  8. Did Mr. Chapman tell you this personally? If you know him that well then surely you can say so here, on this anonymous forum. If not, then you are just making this up as you go so that you sound knowledgeable on an anonymous message board. The bigger point that you and others seem to be missing is the fact that the job was posted in plenty of time and under the proper protocol and procedure for such matters. There were several great candidates that applied and the committee chose the one that they felt best aligned with the district's goals.
  9. Here are the first two sentences of your post. By saying that, you are implying that the Superintendent was let go because the board wasn't presented with a list of candidates. That simply isn't true. He had no idea when or if Coach Ford was going to formally submit his retirement. The job was posted at the appropriate time considering all of the circumstances.
  10. Patton left for a bigger paycheck at Rusk. He wasn't "run off". 3A schools like EF will always be a springboard for coaches. If they're good, they move onward and upward.
  11. Have you ever considered the other factors that would cause a district to not renew a HC/AD? The win/loss record isn't the only factor to be considered.
  12. You have absolutely no clue "what the community was hoping for" and you certainly don't know ALL of the names that were "floated out there as front runners". Some coaches withdrew their names from consideration and some accepted jobs elsewhere. The superintendent was NOT given the keys to the city. She was part of a hiring committee who had the job of selecting 10-15 candidates for interviews, conducting the interviews and narrowing down from there.
  13. That's not correct. The hiring process was going along just fine. He resigned of his own free will due to a matter related to the hiring process. The board did not let him go or ask him to retire.
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