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  1. Website says all teams moving on to championship bracket tomorrow morning.
  2. Charged you?? I registered for free and watched it.
  3. One of the fields is working now. I keep refreshing waiting for the rest of the fields to come up.
  4. I stand corrected! They did this last year didnโ€™t they? Thank you for the link
  5. I donโ€™t think it ever has been. You can usually follow Matt Stepp on Twitter for score updates, and on the Dave Campbells website thereโ€™s a place they update scores. Typically itโ€™s halftime and final scores.
  6. Would have liked to see how much different the Waskom - Daingerfield game wouldโ€™ve been with a healthy Dee Lewis. Not saying the Tigers would have won, but Daingerfield was playing at a pretty high level at the right time of the year before he went down.
  7. Agreed on both parts. Iโ€™d make Gladewater and Tatum interchangeable at the top 2. For this year. I think Tatum is about to be elite. Not sure about his first year though. I think Jefferson is right below those 2. Sabine graduated a lot, but the program is in good shape. I donโ€™t think White Oak will be bad by any means, I just think Atlanta will be better.
  8. 1. Gladewater 2. Tatum 3. Jefferson 4. Sabine 5. Atlanta 6. White Oak
  9. Better. Offense will be deadly. Defense will be extremely physical. Good group of juniors going into their senior season.
  10. Congrats Coach Farmer!
  11. Joey Hector was there and they probably hit their ceiling with him. Theyโ€™re not going to find a better coach than him. Good facilities though.
  12. Shoot, Iโ€™m wanting to hear them lol!
  13. Bump for Friday night scores
  14. This is it. Up to each AD or school district. Can make a 2 sport rule for everyone in athletics, and can even say those have to be team sports. You canโ€™t force a kid to play any specific sport, but you can choose to spend half your athletic period doing the track workout (speed training) and then tell the kids โ€œyouโ€™re already putting the work in. Why not go enjoy the track meets?โ€
  15. Really askingโ€ฆ how many other Sherman kids move away and are signed off on? At the very least this is a message to the current and future Sherman players that leaving will not be easy. This one is obviously getting some more attention.
  16. So his only options now are to go back to Sherman, go to a private school, or go out of state? Obviously aside from not playing his senior year.
  17. Thatโ€™s not bad. Confidence, even if itโ€™s false confidence, can go a long way with teenagers. If you can get through that 4-0, and then maybe pick up a win against Redwater, that gets you to 5 wins. Might be optimistic, but whoever lands this one just needs to have something positive to build on going into their first offseason. Obviously theyโ€™re not real athletic, but being tough and disciplined can keep you in some games. Try to build your program and maybe next realignment sends you back west.
  18. What does their non-district schedule look like?
  19. Youโ€™re good! Wasnโ€™t responding to what you had said. Just stating the obvious.
  20. Start recruiting and get into a solid steroid program.
  21. Sounds like it could be a good opportunity. Maybe a coordinator at a good 3A or 4A school that knows what it takes every day to be successful. Never know what schools are specifically looking for though.
  22. Comes from a good program and thatโ€™s a nice endorsement from one of the best coaches in the area. Good luck, Coach!
  23. Interesting move. Couldโ€™ve hit a home run with Pinkard if that rumor was true. Wonder who all interviewed for this one.
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