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  1. District 16 in the valley was the only other 0-fer.
  2. AAA Division I District 6 is zero of four in the 2022 playoffs...need check if any other district in AAA Division I pulled off that trick.
  3. In the preseason all of Tatum and Gladewater posters were screaming we are great and will be something to deal with. I watched GW early and they were extremely weak. Videos on Tatum indicated the triple option was not up to the old Waskom standards. Rose colored glasses guys. As projected Jefferson was the best of an average AAA DI District. Next year will not be much better. Consider research rather than BS.
  4. Thanks Jeffersondawgs96 for posting...Good job.
  5. Brock is a little too high, Yoe needs to play better defense, Whitesboro should have beaten Brock, Mount Vernon, Winnsboro, and Pottsboro are better than 13-15. Grandview and Malakoff can play defense. 1. Franklin 7-0 beat Troy 49-14 2. Grandview 6-1 beat Dallas IV 69-0 3. Malakoff 7-1 beat Eustace 77-0 4. Brock 3-4 beat Whitesboro 39-35 5. Whitesboro 7-1 lost to Brock 39-35 6. Cameron Yoe 6-2 beat McGregor 56-21 7. Lorena 6-2 beat Rockdale 63-20 8. Pottsboro 6-1 beat Winnsboro 36-35 9. Winnsboro 7-1 lost to Pottsboro 36-35 10. Mount Vernon 7-1 beat Emory 77-27 11. Hitchcock 8-0 beat Columbus 33-28 12. Columbus 7-1 lost to Hitchcock 33-28 13. West 6-1 beat Maypearl 89-0 14. Bushland 8-0 beat River Road 68-0 15. Hallettsville 6-2 beat Hempstead 41-0 16. Paradise 8-0 beat Peaster 48-14 17. Llano 8-0 beat 35-7 18. Edna 6-1 beat Industrial 46-0 19. Breckenridge 6-1 lost to Vernon 28-21 20. Jefferson 5-2 beat Atlanta 16-8 21. Woodville 6-2 beat Huntington 56-13 22. Shallowater 6-1 beat Dalhart 71-39 23. Atlanta 5-2 lost to Jefferson 16-8 24. Orangefield 6-2 beat Hardin 61-7 25. Anahuac 6-2 beat East Chambers 45-20 24. Muleshoe 5-2 open 25. Diboll 5-2 bet Shepherd 54-26 Dropping out: Groesbeck
  6. We will probably drive to Lorena to see this one, beside Buzzard Billy's in Waco has some pretty good fare.
  7. Back in August it was all about Gladewater and Tatum. Someone mentioned a young Jefferson team and the daily posters laughed. The young Dogs beat a surpising Atlanta team and now has to play the odds on favorite teams.
  8. We are close on 80-90%. Not sold on Diboll and Tatum. We have Yoe at 8 and Malakoff at 6 and we have Pottsboro at 19. About ten teams could get hot in the playoffs and win it. No one is really killing it.
  9. What is the score of the Jefferson vs. Centerville score in the game at Jacksonville (2:00pm)?
  10. As a bunch of y'all were saying Jefferson is not Daingerfield. No, but close.
  11. Morris, offensive lineman, and Horton did not play. The WR wearing number one was not Horton. Teague and Mexia should be games Eustace could win. I liked the Bulldogs intensity.
  12. Mount Vernon Vs. Eustace MV controlled the play. MV held out three of their best players who were a little dinged and used others sparingly. Several younger players played well. MV will be a force in Region II. Eustace should be considerably improved. The Bulldogs are not big, but they are aggressive. They should be able to compete for a playoff spot in District *.
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