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  1. And what caused those ejections? Marshall players ripping off the helmet and stomping on #5. Was he wrong to retaliate in the line after the game, absolutely and he is suffering the consequences. What about the Marshall asst coach that continuously called the WH quarterback a little ### and mocked him?
  2. Or if Whitehouse wins they’re district champs!
  3. Whitehouse asked to play Thursday and Texas High said no.
  4. These last three weeks will all be very interesting games. It seems like anyone can beat anybody on any night! Hallsville QB is a great player and kid. Whitehouse QB is a special player too with lots of weapons to choose from. It was a great game last night by both offenses.
  5. Nac played a great game and had the perfect game plan. We struggled in all aspects of the game. Kudos to the head coach for Nac for coming and finding our QB after the game to give him some words of encouragement. Congratulations to Nac you were the better team tonight and good luck the rest of the season.
  6. Whitehouse scored 48 points last night and held Corsicana to 17. Offense and defense as well as special teams all played well last night. Great 3-0 start for this team!
  7. Whitehouse football is currently 2-0. They are averaging over 400 yards a game so far this season. They have played well all around with solid defense, good special teams and a well balanced offense. Looking forward to see what happens the rest of the season.
  8. As a moderator shouldn't you cover everyone? A topic post of Disrtrict 8-5A Div II Football should include all of the teams. Yes, I am from Whitehouse and am not sure what you are talking about as far as our football team goes. They are hard working kids and deserve coverage of their games. I would like to know specifics about what the current kids have done. Every school has certain "fans" that give the school a bad name, but I don't think it is fair to judge a new team based on the past when McFarlin and Mahomes were there. We have a new coach and a new AD and things are different.
  9. Josh Green, QB, Whitehouse, 12-16 passing for 210-yards, 2-TD’s, 90-yards rushing, 1-TD, L/North Forney 49-47. Whitehouse beat North Forney 47-30
  10. I am so ready for football to start and see how this season turns out. I think there are lots of great football games ahead for our district!!
  11. I was referring to the team from last year and going forward with the new coach. I know that this type of behavior would not be tolerated from the current coaching staff.
  12. I am sorry that you have had that experience in Whitehouse. I can promise you that the football team does not fit in this category at all. I hope you give them another chance.
  13. Daddy football left with the last qb. Someone finally said, no, your kid isn't playing just because you're on the school board.
  14. I think it's funny that the Marshall head coach came and found the WH QB after last season's game and complimented him and told him what a great job he did, but you only put them down. It's a new WH team and I think everyone is in for a surprise with them.
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