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  1. The post you quoted was QBs that have won state 3 state championships. Matt Bishop did not win 3 as the starting QB. He only won 2.
  2. Bishop did not play the state game in '09. He was hurt.
  3. I respect what Coach Sanders has been able to accomplish with the young men. He seems like he wants to help them be successful on and off the field. However I wish TCU and CSU would have won. Aledo has ties to both of those teams.
  4. Only a couple close games with Aledo. But some district teams had some playoff success! It would be interesting to see the District playoff record minus Aledo for all these years combined. Thats way more work than I am willing to do but that would really judge the quality of teams. '07 Lost to both Stephenville and Everman then the streak started '10 Birdville 10-4, 4th round: Boswell 8-5, 3rd round '14 Everman 9-5, 4th round '15 Everman 9-5, 4th round : Burleson Centennial 9-4, 3rd round '16 Bowsell 9-5, 4th round '17 Boswell 28-26 heading into the 4th quarter '18 Burleson Centennial 11-2, 3rd round '19 Midlothian- Aledo won 34-28 in OT '20 Mansfield Timberview 11-2, 3rd round '21 Mansfield Timberview 8-5, 3rd round '22 Denton Ryan tied 21-21 in the 4th quarter: Burleson Centennial 12-2, 4th round
  5. He threw multiple picks. Cant beat a top 25 team playing like that.
  6. I forgot the exact scenario but a couple years ago Temple had a similar situation. Either win the last game of the season and the playoff road be more difficult or lose and potentially win a couple of playoff games. They lost on purpose then also lost the first playoff game. At the time I thought they made the right decision. Wish I remembered the exact circumstances.
  7. Our offense has shown to be pretty good. Scoring 50 & 48 points. But our defense needs work. We start district next week so we might have to outscore ppl until the defense comes around. I have faith we will be fine long term.
  8. We definitely were more horizonal in our passing game. Which I guess its ok but I would like us to attack downfield more like you mentioned. We got a ton of guys on the D-line rotating in. I'd guess thats just because of the heat but there wasnt a lot of drop off between the starters and backups. Honestly I dont know if that is a good or bad thing lol. The Guyer game will be on texanlive for those who have it. So far we are off to a good start.
  9. #99 was very impressive for LV. Him, #6 and #55 could be first team all state in 5A. Really good players in my opinion. LV defense is going to be really good again. They were good against the run for the most part and created turnovers. I dont think very many teams are going to put a bunch of points on the board. Also #11 for LV is going to cause problems. He just needs to get the ball in his hands more. Gotta figure out how to get that done but thats not my job. Overall, LV is going to win a lot of games this year.
  10. Is the play by play guy still calling games for LV gameday? I enjoy listening to him during yalls playoff run. He is one of the really good ones.
  11. You didn't like my opinion so I figured I'd try a fact. Let's try a couple more. JT hasn't made it past the 2nd round of the playoffs the last 4 years. Y'all have had a losing record in 75% of those seasons.
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