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  1. I think winning district is going to be more important than last year. 2nd place might have to play Abilene in the 2nr round and Richland in the 3rd. That playoff run is going to be harder than the 1st place path.
  2. I have Guyer favored but other than that I agree.
  3. Big picture how do you think this season goes?
  4. Thoughts heading into the season - Our O-line will be solid, I think Williams moves to LT, Din-Mbuh LG, Gomez C, Campbell RG, Cartwright RT. - Beard will have plenty of playmakers around him. Guillory and Winkfield will be a great RB duo. Finley, Burdine, Swanson, Hibbler, Martin, and Parks could all contribute at WR. I do think Swanson plays both offense and defense and he will be a good player. He'll be the starting punt returner also. Martin and Parks have really good upside going into their sophomore years. Parks is Money's little brother and is listed at 6'3 175. Martin has been impressive at WR camps this summer. Might be the best overall playmaker group from a talent and depth standpoint. Hopefully we can spread the ball around. - Beard at QB will be fun to watch. Seems like he will be ready to roll from the start. This was Coach Jones' plan since his freshman year letting him get a couple of playoff reps then being the primary backup last year. Aledo invested time into him getting him ready. He does not get an easy start with Denton Guyer and Lancaster weeks 1 & 2. We will find out real quick about him. I think Nash McElree could earn the backup QB role. He will only be a sophomore but I could also see the coaches start him on JV. - Our D-line should be the strength of our team. We return 3/4 but the new starter was the first to rotate in last year. Hopefully we have the same type of depth we had last year. Our ability to rotate kids and keep fresh bodies was a big advantage. McIntire, Forman, and Byars should provide that depth and all get plenty of playing time. - LBs will be solid with McElree and Wilburn returning. I thought they would move Wilburn to the middle but it seems like Henderson will get the first shot at it. Overall a group that might not be as big but can run. - This is the most inexperienced group on the team but very athletic. We replace all 4 in the secondary. We have plenty of talent but there will be growing pains. Taking a complete guess, I think Taylor and Fuller are the starting CBs, Hall and Tilly will be the S and FS. Then you have kids like Swanson, Fagan, and Powell-Willis that will all be fighting for playing time. Even though we are young there are quality players that will get better over the year and come playoff time this group should be pretty good. - Each season the team has to go out and earn it. I think this group is up to the challenge. Looking forward to watching this one play out.
  5. For Carthage it would absolutely be a test. But realistically what does Carthage offer Aledo? Honestly not a lot. Pound for pound yall are top tier. No doubt about that. But if Aledo was to play a team from East Texas, I would want them to play the best one. Longview.
  6. Week 1 at Denton Guyer Week 2 vs Lancaster Week3 at Brewer Week 4 vs Birdville Week 5 at Fossil Ridge Week 6 vs Denton Ryan Week 7 at Granbury Week 8 Bye Week Week 9 vs Richland Week 10 at Azle Week 11 vs Denton
  7. The UIL should step in and help create a program to get more officials and increase pay to attract competent people.
  8. Do you know if the Aledo game this coming season vs Denton Ryan is home or away?
  9. I really do wish we could have scheduled. Potentially Denton Guyer, Lancaster, and SOC is cool but Guyer, Longview, and SOC is better.
  10. Highland Park is still going to be a tough out in December. Just ask John Tyler fans.
  11. I still think it would be odd. Why would someone lie about reaching out to Longview for a game and Longview turning it down? Out of all the teams they could make up a lie about why pick Longview if it wasnt true? If I was Longview playing North Shore wouldnt interest me.
  12. I don't know how connected the person is to the program. But that would be odd to make that up. Not like LV and NS have a history that I know of.
  13. Thats what some people dont realize. Although we werent winning championships in the late 90's/ early '00's (except '98), we were still a handful and made respectable playoff runs. After Coach Buc got things established we got hard to beat. At all levels.
  14. Someone on the 6A site said North Shore reached out to Longview but they declined.
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