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  1. Pitt gets one of the two wins they need.
  2. Yes, we have to clean some things up and yes we are half way through the season. New staff gets it cleaned up and wins 3 or 4 out of last 5. It's possible with a good attitude and catch a break or two.
  3. Well, Mav, You hit the nail on the head. Described us perfectly.
  4. Well, that stinks. Were all the penalties deserved or did we get some home cookin?
  5. Maybe you guys said it earlier, but what happened to the QB from THigh and who was it?
  6. MP hopefully puts a game away this week! (28-14) W Hallsville - better than expected, I think Kilgore will be a good guage. (21-14) W Nac - Tough one with TCH (48 - 14)L PT - Should take Jville (42-21) W Marshall - I want to see this one. I agree they've been hard to tell so far. This week will be the tell/tell (35 - 21)L THigh - Just a diff level, IMO Whitehouse - Should beat Hendo. This will tell their level for sure. (28-21) W
  7. We (MP) are very disappointed that we didn't come our with a W Friday. However, we held an athletic LE team to 99 yds total offense for the night. Two special teams turnovers and gave them the ball at the 7 and 19. Those were their two scores started. Now, we have to get that cleaned up. Offense plenty of yardage, just shot ourselves in the foot with critical penalties that kill drives and missed some plays we should've made. All that was self induced, so we have a chance to clean it up and get it lined out with this new staff. Effort, attitude and coaching has been great. Gotta figure out how to 'win'. Defense keep working, clean up special teams, offense - it's time to convert yardage and opportunities. If we do, we are in the playoff hunt, if not it will be a woulda coulda shoulda thing.
  8. Not at all. If I wanted to say that I would. Sounds like you want to stir the pot!
  9. Hope not because they (MP players and coaches) are busting it to try to improve and doing things the right way. Proud of that, just hope it goes in the right direction this week. LE is always loaded with talent.
  10. I hope not, but this one worries me for sure!!
  11. Before anyone starts bashing, we are all disappointed about the loss to SS last week. What are your thoughts on this week? Can MP get it in the right direction or will it take a couple more weeks? How good is LE this year?
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