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  1. Are players out position a coaching then or a player executing thing. I don't have a dawg in the fight as well. I think coaching needs improvement but they can't play the game for them.
  2. Coaching is pretty bad, but what adjustments would you have made. What would you do to win?
  3. Jefferson said only possession of the game ended with a touchdown. Dekalb had to possession and ended with no points. When the game was called Jefferson's offense had just taken the field which would have most likely put them up 14.
  4. Did Batton not play against Jefferson?
  5. #4 @ the slot is a good receiver as well. Jefferson is a pretty balanced team.
  6. And you are who in the world of Texas High School football.
  7. Jefferson should be able to take this one.
  8. It really is the game of the week!
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