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  1. Who is the fastest player in D5? Who is the fastest player in D6?
  2. Wow your picks are hilarious. The number one seed Jefferson. Who beat everyone in the district according to you want win against a number 4 seed from another district. Now that's what I call hating. I give our district props. I feel you don't get any better than Tatum and Atlanta. GW may be down but it want be for long and anything can happen. Let's go D6!
  3. Well glad we don't have to worry about that. Undefeated District Champs!
  4. Atlanta will beat Tatum by 2 touchdowns. Tatum will not be able to move the ball against a stingy rabbit defense.
  5. Jefferson won the head to head. Clear cut District Champs.
  6. Center dropped Jefferson and picked up Tatum.
  7. Who did yall play that was strong as #1 Timpson? Timpson would beat Gladewater by 50.
  8. That's not what everyone was saying prior to the game.
  9. Not even close #1 Timpson and #10 Centerville were no pushover. Better yet what defense has ATL seen? EF, Brookville or no Redwater. Shaking in my boots.
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