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  1. Back in that day was difficult to travel . Texas A&M first win was against Galveston Ball. Kirk was in attendance that day mumbling jumbo Aggy . It’s our year Horns….
  2. Chester New Waverly Woodville Jasper Joaquin Grapeland Timpson Diboll Hemphill Newton Leverett's Chapel Kemp Rice Consolidated Elysian Fields Pine Tree North Mesquite
  3. Good seeing Athens with a pulse but Lindale is too tough for the hornets.
  4. Leave β€˜em alone Carlisle. Overton been an afterthought for years. Competitive and possible playoff talk. Gotta tip your hat to that.
  5. Jumbo had the angle on him so would have cost him a touchdown. Take the penalty lol.
  6. Probably so wasn’t remotely intentional. Gotta be aware of your surroundings lol.
  7. No I believe it was crazy mistake. He probably gets ejected if he tries to tackle. It was an Auburn scoop in score so he wasn’t expecting it.
  8. High ankle sprain but you have a legitimate capable experienced QB playing .
  9. Tech has to be one of the most disappointing teams this season. Unreal they went from a potential conference contender to not even a bowl team.
  10. I would technically supporting Baylor and I am not color blind so I wouldn’t exactly supporting. I wore Aggie gear and thought of my own fight song (henderson) when playing.
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