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  1. We just need teachers to lead by example of those Commandments. Having a poster does nothing if you don’t live it.
  2. If you’re voting blue at this point you’re more than likely an idiot.
  3. Once again Barry has an idiotic take . Kinda surprised he didn’t blame Trump .
  4. Surely this isn’t surprising right.
  5. He tries so hard give him this bone. Reality is different.
  6. Aggies got a tough win against a really good Arkansas team. Walk off in the 11th.
  7. Not going to lie this pretty funny . Add in the fact they’re the Cowboys as a mascot makes it hilarious.
  8. coming from a Texan fan you really don’t have much room to talk. Yeah I know you beat Cleaveland and cinci a few years back…..
  9. I heard Joe Rogan as a moderator as a suggestion. This would be good. Should be an audience and mikes can’t be controlled. Check Joe for an ear piece and let him bring a teleprompter. Trump can make it read a MAGA endorsement ad lol.
  10. I could definitely see MSNBC doing this!
  11. I call anyone President that has served. However Joe is the Resident of the US and in January 2025 we will have a President again. MAGA 2024
  12. More of his faith . I heard the whole speech. He is wrong about that but not the home maker comment that triggered by people like on the view .
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