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  1. Most definitely . We won’t see the rewards at this time. He is a leader.
  2. You can’t say that he gets delusional. He thinks Carthage not only wins 5a but has a chance in the college playoff.
  3. I obviously am rooting for Gilmer , but going have to take a monster game by the Buckeyes to advance. I just don’t see how the dawgs lose this one especially since this isn’t the best Gilmer team of the past. Best of luck Gilmer I would love to eat some crow for Christmas.
  4. Based on history of these two teams it will be close and hard fought. Kilgore technically has proven more capable, but let not act like Chill just happy to be here. This is December football and have nots ain’t here.
  5. I kinda expected this treatment from the big 12. You know they’re devastated their two biggest programs and one gave them clout Oklahoma ( playoffs) were leaving.
  6. Me seeing Texas possibly get into the playoffs and you know winning gets me drinking again.
  7. Never said you didn’t get any go against but they benefited far more. Texas was the kingpin now they got no use for you.
  8. Yes I agree but Alabama probably a hurdle but the horns won. FSU losing is probably the most realistic chance at #4. What is interesting is Texas is a very big market and ratings matter. If the committee really wants $$$ then 1. Michigan 2. Georgia 3. Texas. 4. FSU If they going by four best it’s 1. Much ( assuming they beat Iowa 2. Georgia/Bama winner 3. Texas ( assuming they win) 4. Oregon/ Washington winner.
  9. Y’all kinda deserve it. Texas historically has benefited from them. However, the Big 12 wasn’t going to do them favors . I bet they’re rooting for their only chance to get into the playoffs. Good thing the playoffs were expanding cause without 0u and Tex , they don’t have a chance.
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