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  1. Riders to much in the first half for SH 42 to 0 :59 left In 2nd quarter
  2. Yes Evans is not 6'0, the big Wr is Gipson both kids can burn & turn. Evans is the go to man that is consistently on catching the ball. From what i've been told by coaches WR Wilburn jr. didn't play Friday he's the fastest one on the team & tall as Gipson. Don't take nothing away QB Cross 6'4 jr. or RB Dixion 6'0 jr. one step they can take it to the house or in the air. Center has lots of speed this year on the field. Rider by 21
  3. Dang it...Sound like your State bound lol!! We look forward to seeing you next Friday!
  4. Haven't been on here in years, Center & Tatum had one heck of game last night. Center showed lots of heart being down 34 to 20 to start of the 4th. We still have lots of work to do, but i like what i see. Tatum looked very well also. Can someone tell us about Springhill?
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