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  1. Don't hold me 150% on this, but a good buddy of mine has kiddo in 9th (played Fresh A). According to him (adult, not son), there's a few with some coChes that was on varsity being reassigned to freshman team staff.
  2. I think the Spring game is like May 16th or VERY close to that date.
  3. If we can keep Tatum from going to the Big 10, that'd be awesome
  4. lol so you're crying because he yells at a worker for letting them come out onto the field? lol gtfo and troll elsewhere \m/ \m/
  5. Is this the same Woods guy that had like 2-3 brothers that also played at OSU?
  6. lol Wetsu, I think you've lost it. You really compared Arch to Cam, Kyle and VY (True Duel-Threat QB's). I mean, I know you're an aggy but still.....smdh! Ofc QB's like that can overtake teams because they aren't pocket passers. If you have trash around you at the WR/RB position, ofc you aren't going to have the most glorious stats ever. WETSU, you just better hope and pray Weigman is ya'lls guy, cause if not.......back to the dumpster fire
  7. Yeah that's the starters/rotation I would expect. Unfortunately I think you're right about Duce
  8. So a potential Depth Chart on O could look like: QB- Ewers/Manning or Manning/Ewers RB- Brooks/K Robinson/Baxter Jr {Don't know order} WR- J-Whit, Isiah Neyor, Worthyish (maybe), Savion Red, Johntay Cook, DeAndre Moore potentially [Insert potential portal transfers also] TE- J Sanders, {Would be nice to lock up Duce next month} OL- Banks, Conner, Majors, Hutson, RT????? On paper it looks pretty decent to me, but I hope we allow to see Baxter get some carries early in the season {not saying he's the best player on roster yet, but his hype certainly is exciting}! Hook'em \m/ \m/
  9. With the exception of like 2 years, pretty mediocre coaching imo. When you schedule Clarksville, Open Farm Pasture HS, etc you should have a good record pre-district
  10. If we could just land a Suh or Aaron Donald type,
  11. ^^^j/w because in my head I'm trying to figure out where Burrell, Hill, Lefau, Akana and others will eventually end up lol
  12. Lefau is ILB and Akana is edge or am I completely wrong?
  13. Guess Arch, Baxter and Derek Williams all official now. Interesting to see if Moore flips and if we can land Duce {if he's not already committed elsewhere}
  14. First time I heard it was prolly 8th/9th grade (prolly 18-20 yrs ago) at a KC/Trinity Valley game and Trinity Valley Band played it. It sounded awesome!
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