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  1. The guy who took over after Edwards had NO support from students or community so what do you expect would happen? The same thing will happen to next guy, next guy until there is FULL SUPPORT from students, parents, community, etc.
  2. He's a 'Horn for now \m/ \m/
  3. Y'all don't have to feed the trolls (coach c and pine). Anyone with a logical brain knows the severity of what happened, and it's a shame nothing really is being done criminally wise.
  4. We'll sure as hell be battle tested lol
  5. Henderson would LOVE to be mentioned in any poll Gaggies too
  6. Hard to mess up handoffs to 1 person
  7. Several great games lately (especially the underdogs)
  8. Just saw TyAnthony Smith signed with us too (4* LB from Jasper). Anyone know anything about him? Never watched a Jasper game and not sure what to expect (level of comp, ILB or OLB, etc)
  9. If he does flip, unfortunate but was always shaky at best. Getting KOBE was/will be better get to go along with other secondary we have (committments)
  10. Holy smokes fellow 'Horn fans! Getting Mukuba and Golden in portal, flipping Filsaime and getting that 4* TE......We looking VERY VERY bright and will definitely have a Merry Christmas! Hook'em \m/ \m/
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