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  1. You could have 8 different QBs, ain't gonna matter. Easiest road to get to this point, and now Harmony will get embarrassed Friday. Congrats Newton, well done!
  2. GL shutting that down; same exact thing Mart did when they had Cosby (Buck Sweep with RB lead). That's not the only tools the Bears have though
  3. Where was all this talk about the size of CV DL and OL?! Did they forget to suit up, or some of y'all out too much stock into size and forgot about Speed? Speed Kills
  4. We're losing quite bit, but we're also gonna gain A LOT and could benefit from the portal also
  5. Herman isn't even doing anything RIGHT NOW...Sark is heads and shoulders above anything we've had recently {Strong, Herman}. Sark has had exactly 1 year of recruiting and we have made MAJORRRRRR strides, and if you can't see that, let me wipe the from off your glasses.
  6. Lol good ole fashion TobinFrost whipping! That's what's up Lobos! East Texas rootin'for ya!
  7. Lumberton by 10 GeeGee Raiders, glgl in We got ourselves an Ole Fashion East Texas brawl next week!
  8. Not many of those wins did we come back from behind though If we hold 2nd half leads, we'd have 1 loss or undefeated with Ewers at QB
  9. Win this game DF, roll Harmony again next week! {Thanks Wet Rust} lol
  10. Soooo.....this "High Powered" Wet Rust team that was gonn roll Harmony is now rollin' Gotcha
  11. Change of scenery can be a good thing; You see the success PG has had after bringing in Josh Gibson; Carthage before Coach Surratt; Even Brookshire-Royal with coach Theadis Reagins.
  12. I'm glad we won't see a Lumberton/Kilgore game next week cause Ross might break the scoreboard if that happened...Chill rolls and back to an East Texas showdown next week! Go get 'em Dawgs!
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