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  1. Last year, Schulenburg was 4-6 and coming off a blowout loss to Shiner to end the regular season and went in as a 4th seed. Then upset Mason in the first round and Kenedy in the second before falling again to Shiner in the 3rd round.
  2. Go tell that to the people of Grapeland. Any small chance of a strike is more than enough reason.
  3. This is a major issue I've seen across the state in smaller schools. Kids are not participating in extracurricular activities. Not just coming out for sports but band, cheer, student trainers, etc. There are way more kids just walking the halls and not coming out to do anything related with their school in today's world.
  4. Run and Shoot uses deep routes, option routes, and the switch series almost exclusively out of 4 WR sets. West Coast uses short fast routes to open up the run. Then it uses play action to take advantage of the secondary playing the run. Then it comes back to the run after they have opened a defense up (see the 49ers under walsh, and the Cowboys of the 90s). The spread is not an offense, it is a set of formations that you can run an offensive scheme out off. Im going to guess you mean the air raid (Texas Tech under Leach) which focuses a lot on horizontal passes and screens to spread defense out for the run up the middle. And then a combination of mesh, Y cross, and 4 vert options.
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