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  1. I'll take Center in a high scoring close one. Not that anyone gives a rats TobinFrost what i think.
  2. Seems to have went pretty good for him hoss!
  3. Peep Andon Mata's stats, over 400 more yards total passing on the year. Averaging 100+ more yards a game total, & the stats will be even more impressive after tonight. WR raiders win BIG tonight!!!
  4. Break out the hair nets and stir up the sloppy joes, Got some hungry yungins on your hands coach.
  5. Will there be a job opening after this season??
  6. The kids should have never been put in a position for anything like this to have taken place. Hard to wrap your head around it if you ask me.
  7. Going to let the kids that play under the scoreboard and the ball boys play after the half! I’m just going for the sausage on a stick in the parking lot!
  8. Just having some fun bud, but was looking forward to a little better game. Dawgs deflated y’all quick and I think that made a huge difference in the game overall! Good luck hope to see you guys make a run!
  9. Like I said earlier DQ going bankrupt if they depend on business from 1st down advertising
  10. I don’t know that I would call any of them gifts buddy. Also I hope Dairy Queen isn’t depending on business from advertising on Marshall’s first downs, they’d go bankrupt!
  11. Is it too late to switch my vote from Carthage in a close one to Carthage in a blowout?
  12. Dont forget the charcuterie board!
  13. Raiders by fowty.... from a reliable source!!!
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