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  1. I also think by looking a film Harmony could beat poth so if they can knock us out they might have a chance lol but it's a mighty big mountain to climb to be get past us figs lol fig mountain is full of surprises haha
  2. I'm just going to put this out there I think Holiday is going to give Gunter a run for their might be a game like ours last week lol
  3. I don't know but I want mine medium rare and a baked potato
  4. Harmony 55 Newton 0 that's my prediction for the week the red eagles going to smoke us they have improved over the last 3 weeks playing aginst the district Champs that they played on there side of the bracket and we are getting worse giving up 12 points to daingerfield and only scoring 16
  5. I bet newton has 10 sacks in this game the qb loves to hold the ball
  6. A bye week and boys wasn't ready and got down 21 to 0 and then it was over lol they decided to play ball and that's what they did they shut it down quick
  7. I don't think so I e been soing this every week on tiktok
  8. It was in 74 when we did and I was still a swimmer at that time lol
  9. O they will be ready for ya don't worry you will get to see us on Friday it's all going to be ok got to stay out your feelings to emotional it's a football forum 🗑 will be talked lol
  10. You came in here talking crap that's why we are having this conversation but when you have pride that's what your supposed to do the kids ain't out there on the field picking flowers are they no they will be jawing to each other all night everyone is going to support a team win are loose it's your team and your kids that's what we do but we don't all get a trophy
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