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  1. Newton plays Newton football tonight remind me of how many points has been scored on us this season
  2. Well here we go tomorrow at 7 we going to be rolling coal on Harmony can't wait for this one Newton proves a point this week
  3. Big red going to smolder out this week better luck next year lol
  4. Ya we have very high expectations every year down are not cause there is always a couple of kids that just might be able to carry us that extra mile lol
  5. Don't expect them to hope they give it 110 % ain't no fun with a blowout but we headed to Dallas this year
  6. You back to the big boy side of the bracket now yall took the shortcut
  7. How is that when they can make it to state and they can't get the W might just mean that the beast from the East goth there number
  8. If Harmony would have played our last two weeks we would be playing daingerfield Friday lol
  9. That's what I'm talking bout haha we going to roll on in to state we going to show them what we working with the next two weeks then they will no lol
  10. I also think by looking a film Harmony could beat poth so if they can knock us out they might have a chance lol but it's a mighty big mountain to climb to be get past us figs lol fig mountain is full of surprises haha
  11. I'm just going to put this out there I think Holiday is going to give Gunter a run for their might be a game like ours last week lol
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