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  1. PG and Wimberly both played Brock early in the season. PG won 28-7 and Wimberly beat them in a close game. We all know what Carthage did w PG so I’d have to say Dawgs win by 21. Don’t see them having the mistakes they did against GR.
  2. Does anyone think this game may change some stuff for future playoffs especially this round? Will more teams start playing indoors this last round so weather cannot be a factor? I agree that’s a huge blow as your driving and have momentum and then boom 3 hour delay. That’s tough on players, coaches, fans, and officials. Carthage/GR was a great game and would have hated to see that one go into a delay late as well. The Argyle/SOC game seemed like you could barely see 10 yards down field w the heavy fog.
  3. I think it has been a while since Carthage has played at the The Star. Give yourself some extra time walking to the stadium. Usually a good 5-10 minute walk getting to the gates and then you have to empty pockets before going in and through a metal detector. I don’t think they accept cash at concession stands. If you want to eat before the game their is a lot around stadium but pretty expensive. If Carthage continues playing the way they have been they will be moving on. Good luck and safe travels.
  4. Carthage by a bunch. GR didn’t look bad during their last playoff game but they will Fri at the Star. Great teams tend to make good teams look really bad.
  5. I understand PG has a lot of haters… 1 A coaching staff will not be like by everyone, anywhere. Period!! 2 As mentioned some of these media outlets that promote PG cause some resentment, and I understand. 3 Some PG fans make it hard to like the program. Old saying $ talks and BS walks. $ don’t win championships though. Still a fan, not all PG folks are like this believe it or not. A lot of good people in the program too. I won’t comment anymore on it as the thread should be taken over by how Carthage played and the success their program is having.
  6. I do, but not entirely there fault. They promote the kids the coaches promote and the ones that contribute to their organization. I also feel they keep a lot of folks at home on Fri night because it’s easy to fire up the grill and drink a cold beer and watch the game on the sofa instead of going out and supporting kids. It’s kind of a double edged sword. Good and bad about it. I do feel they do a great production and have some good guys working for them.
  7. Game observations… Carthage was as advertised and should win a state title this year. They will have some guys that will suit up and play on Saturdays. PG has some D1 kids people rave about that won’t ever step on a D1 field. But I knew that about a few before this game.
  8. I appreciate that, would have enjoyed meeting you. Good luck to you guys the rest of the way.
  9. Good job Carthage. Y’all have a heck of a team. We couldn’t compete w y’all.
  10. Might have to get something a little stronger than cold beer. Total domination!!
  11. I’m well prepared for this game. I have my victory speech written and box of Kleenex ready for coach. I’m also prepared to be “that” guy in the corner of the bar at Applebee’s drinking my sorrows away after the game.
  12. Going to show up and show out. Lol Torrential downpour this morning slows Carthage down just a bit & PG pulls out a shocker on late field goal tonight Ol Son.
  13. He doesn’t have as strong a leg on kickoffs as the Carthage K. He can place it where he wants pretty good. Different K on field goals, set a record for extra points at PG this year. Accurate from 30-35. Beyond that they will go for it or punt. Punter has a big leg.
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