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  1. Morale to the story is that Timpson is good, and has been good the last couple seasons.. they have just had the same struggle every good team from R3 has had.. Beating the R4 champ... Timpson will be back, honestly I see them getting right back to the semis if Bussey stays healthy, but they are gonna have to bring some type of X factor, because it's pretty self evident you cannot out athlete teams that are consistently as good as Refugio or Shiner.. guys like that have been winning since as far back as THSFB archives will go.. they have been there and done that time and time again and Timpson has not... however that does not mean it cannot be done, and it's gonna be up to the boys in black and gold to decide their fate... not a bunch of couch coaches on smoaky... I suspect Refugio to go on and win em another one to take back to the house, and they WILL be back next season looking to do it again... as will Timpson if they are healthy.. the question is what will they do when they get there... we will all see in due time.. GATA out until next time
  2. It's crazy to think about really how down they have been in recent years, but Groveton is right up there with Mart, and Refugio being one of the winningest small school programs. They don't have as many titles, but as far as all time wins they are right there with them. Matter of fact I believe Groveton is in the top 25 winningest programs in state history all school sizes.. crazy to think about that, how they have fared in recent years..
  3. Definitely man, but yea I was referring to 1a-3a titles, I believe all Refugio's titles are 2a, I know Mart won a bunch being 1a which of course was 2a before 2014 and also several being classified as 2a. Teams like that who are there year in and out and always have been, will always have the edge on somebody, even someone with superior athletes.
  4. Refugio is the definition of winning tradition in 2a football, I believe Mart is the only other small school program in the state that has more wins.. Who is also about to win another state title in a week.. Timpson has been great, but when you look at the big picture they are still relatively newcomers to the party, and Bussey is who brought them there. Tradition is an intangible feat that can and will thrust teams to the pinnacle when needed. We will all see in due time though how the Bears look moving forward when these freak athletes are gone, but that is neither here nor there right now both teams just played a heck of a game.
  5. A quick word before I return to my hole, My predictions of this season were definitely hit and miss, BUT I told yall in the Cville thread that I didint see anyone in R3 beating Refugio. And well it held true. Timpson is legit and I truly didint see the blowout over Cville happening but it did... All I can say is the Bears have one more shot at it next season and if they can't get past the 5th again they may quite possibly go back to bottom dwelling hoping for a 4th seed appearance again.. D11 is gonna reload as they always do. You never know when SA and Shelbyville or heck even WS will be relevant again.. Props to their season though. Refugio is gonna thrash Hawley and put another one in the bank. Bears are gonna have to get more physical, I believe it's the only thing keeping them from Jerry world. Good luck to them next season and hopefully the success they have established through Bussey and Co. Will carry through even after they are gone.
  6. They are every bit as violent now! CC has battled them year in and out for a while we know all about it! It'll be a good one!
  7. I believe yalls O line will dominate. You guys are the definition of old school mean blocking. Cut the big guys down and hit everybody else square in the jaw. My kind of football for sure. I believe Timpson's weapons is what's gonna have them in it. And you are correct fans will be fans..
  8. All I can say is you can't run a track meet while your getting hit in the mouth... CC will be okay, I do believe conditioning and physicality will be addressed in the offseason.. It has to or your a 1-2 round team forever... The new regime under Ratliff will have total control now with this years seniors graduating, and they seem to be learning it well the longer it has set in. CC will be okay they'll have to get tough this offseason, lots of positions open with that many seniors graduating, they'll have to weed out who's got it and who don't! They'll be back my friend!
  9. No sir I'm not lol I would love to see R3 back in jerry world, im East Texas through and through! Refugio and Shiner have just donkey stomped so many "state title teams" in the 5th round it ain't even funny... Refugio is the all time winningest 2a school in Texas history. And they are as tough and loaded as they always are this year, and there just isn't anything in R3 that makes me think we are for sure gonna get back to dallas. Could it happen? Yes it very well could, however I just don't see it being very likely. Nonetheless that isnt what this game here is about. There are no blowouts, no gimmes, no walkthroughs left out there anymore and EVERYBODY has to play 4 quarters and with all they got to stay out of the gym now. I really don't understand why you guys think Timpson will run away with this. Even if they do win it will be in a close one, that's the only point I'm trying to make is Centerville will be in this thing, and CAN win. The Timpson bandwagon sure is loaded back up over there very impressive wins over Groveton, and Frankston... smh I have a ton of respect for yall but you need to open your eyes a little bit wider to these guys or you can go ahead and schedule your holiday basketball tournaments that's all im saying, yall need to take these tigers serious.
  10. I believe I have heard that same statement the last two seasons as well. Regardless of who wins this great game, Refugio will be waiting to jackslap whoever comes out of R3. R3 is tougher overall, but R4 has the all time powerhouses...
  11. I honestly don't see anyone in R3 being able to beat Refugio or Shiner...
  12. I ain't making no bets, I ain't even one time on this thread said that Centerville WILL win. All I have said is that they will not go down easy, and it will not be a route via Timpson or Centerville either at all. It will be a hard fought victory for either team. Typically when people are quick to deny the success of a good team they are facing it is because they deep down fear them... Not saying that's the case but Anyways I wish both squads the best of luck they are both legit as is everyone that has made it this far into the dance. GATA out
  13. I never said CC had Timpson caliber athletes, of course yall are putting that in my mouth. For two @Cat51993Timpson has played two close games, I know yall all want to pretend the Garrison game, didint happen but it did. Decent at best Garrison gave the Timpson Bears all they wanted and that's a fact no matter how you look at it. AND I will go out on a limb and say if Joaquin didint throw that pick on that deep drive, they probably win that game. But all of that is neither here nor there, what im saying is Timpson is a stout team, and I am not discrediting them whatsoever, and agreed they have the best athlete in East Texas small school ball hands down, quite possibly all school ball. BUT they are not unbeatable like some of you think for some odd reason. And the Centerville Tigers are going to give them all they want, Timpson is gonna have to dig deep and play all out ball to beat these guys, AND CENTERVILLE is going to have to do the exact same in return to win. And @KirtFalcon fyi Newton would roll Timpson, just like they are gonna obliterate DF this week. Mart and Timpson would be a close game, and probably Crawford too.. And I say Canadian,Gunter,Brock,Franklin, and a few others could beat them as well. But that is irrelevant because those matchups aren't going to happen. What IS going to happen is one heck of a ballgame between these two guys this week. Sleep on Cville and see what happens.. I wouldnt recommend it though js
  14. Don't believe this will be the case... They didin't get big played to death by Mart or Jefferson... Mart is a better overall team than Timpson, Jefferson is just as fast and athletic.. they also only lost a two score game to Crawford who is gonna be in the state championship game on the other side of the bracket.. Cville is battle tested.. Now on the contrary there isn't anybody in 2a that can win in a shootout against the bears... We've seen how that has went ex:Jefferson,Beckville,Daingerfield,Harmony etc. BUT what have the Bears struggled with..? The ground n pound! That's my whole point is it's all about matchups. Of course Timpson has way more firepower than Cville, but it's what Cville brings to the table as far as their style of play that's gonna have them in this thing!
  15. They both run a spread style offense centered around their best athletes, neither block very physical, or have a stud O line, both have good receiver talent of course CC has nobody on Bussey's level but you can compare the two. What there truly is no comparison to is the amount of violence Cville is gonna bring into this game. The bears may go into shell shock
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