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  1. I bet there are candidates in the 4-10 group that would be good candidates-they need to look through that group. Those were the guys that wanted it initially.
  2. Henderson is split, (4A) Regardless on Burnham's qualifications, he got the job...so why not support him, welcome him, ask how you can help, and rally behind him.
  3. Still no coach announced…the hiring process must not be going smoothly….
  4. Wait-has he ever coached high school in any way before? Ever been a head coach?
  5. Word is they have three finalists all with Hendo ties..been on staff and/families have lived there before…. I am not sure home-cooking is what will revive Hendo and put them in the ranks of the others in their district like Lindale, Kilgore and C Hill. Really hoped they would branch out and not just consider former assistants. The last state championship was almost 13 years ago. Hope it works out for them.
  6. Anyone know anything about La Grange?
  7. I guess they are finishing interviews or doing call backs this week with a couple?
  8. Not sure they are going to go with a 2A coach...if it is the P C you mean.
  9. Frisco? Interesting. Don't have to look that far to find some of the best coaches with good experience.
  10. Is this person on staff at Hendo? If so - I don't see how they can hire someone that has been on staff. I would think a fresh start would be what they need.
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