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  1. Hey we wear blue and gold and the game is tomorrow at 11 at AT&T stadium. You coming out right?
  2. Melissa? They were knocked out second round By SOC in 5AD2
  3. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2023/12/09/2023-uil-state-friday-s-must-see-prospects?ref=article_preview_img
  4. I think if can make them play one dimensional we got it like last week
  5. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2023/12/01/2023-4a-di-state-preview?ref=article_preview_img
  6. @Chill5000 @CHDog77 @Stankylegg @KildogDad @LetsGoEagles @LordSensei @Matt @Lion7000 @Lion Breeddistrict of Doom did it !!! into the state championship at AT&T, i tip my hat to Lindale, Kilgore , Athens,Palestine, Henderson and Jacksonville for the tough competition Ps. I apologize for what i said the weeks Chapel Hill played yall
  7. https://youtube.com/@AnnaHighSchoolLiveStream?feature=shared You can watch Anna games here if you don't have hudl
  8. Anna was up on Decatur 38 to 13 with one minute left the Eagles got 2 touchdowns late
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