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  1. where did Jasper play last friday?... ohh yea thats right.
  2. hope i see everyone there, these boys feed off of the crowd... yall drive safe and slowdown in those little towns #Unfin16hedbusiness #9 seconds
  3. Ohh slickey Ricky will usually make the frist guy miss.
  4. As a sophomore Qb and think the pressure to make a big play will get to him because he or the team or coach has never been to a state Semi-Finals..and their defense relys on alot of gang tackling, top 2 in solo tackles 43 and 41 are the coaches kids #14 and #22. Solo 335 and asst tck 815. So open field tackling might be advantage we can exploit...our top 2 in solo tackles 100 and 80 . Solo 614 asst tackles 482
  5. https://omny.fm/shows/boerne-radio-home-and-ranch-show/boerne-radio-sports-december-8-2022?in_playlist=boerne-radio-sports
  6. ok lets look at van, center got beat by aubrey which was then beat PG then PG got beat by carthage for the regional finals lindale beat them at home and then they let one lost beat them twice
  7. Well until this week. I've heard you have to play someone to be someone
  8. Because their strength of schedule was worst than yalls
  9. hope that Mcfarline prepared the boys for it
  10. the rest of that distcit played CH KILGORE AND LINDALE ...last year the only team that made it out of the first round was LCM which played Palestine, lumberton played who the first round? you guess it Palestine ...lumberton did have a weak schedule and we showed them how explosive we can be, how many regional finals boerne been in the last 3 years? let alone the state semi-finals? might want to look at CH Kilgore and Lindale those years, LBJ beat Boerne 68 to 24 last year that must have been embarrassing
  11. from what ive seen they will get defenses sleeping with a pass running back out of backfield after clearing out the WRS twins or trips to that side
  12. "Chapel Hill is the best team we will have faced this year. They are extremely fast and explosive on offense, and very tough and physical on defense. It should be a great game," Hendrix said. "We try hard to make every game a big game, but this game is obviously special."
  13. The Alamodome box office is a walk-up only service open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.
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