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  1. If you don’t have an exceptional QB and WRs with size, you need to adapt. Iske had no QB who had ever taken a varsity snap this year before Grant transferred to WO. WO kids play hard, but they’re not blessed with size. Slot T or variant would make more sense than having a QB who can’t throw or 5’7” receivers.
  2. And how “Christlike” to attack kids’ character. Impressive.
  3. Shows how little you know about the kids in White Oak.
  4. Nice enough guy. But the program needs a change and an injection of youth, and someone motivated to build a program, not just go through the motions. White Oak’s kids deserve better.
  5. All of that is on the money. WO needs an off season and weight program that the kids get excited to participate in. The kids absolutely hate the off season and weight program here, and they’re tired of tired old men who couldn’t motivate a dog to bark putting them down and being negative. The 2 most athletic juniors don’t even play football anymore, and one of them was a 2-way starter as a sophomore. They want nothing to do with Iske and Burkes. Coaches should be positive and motivate kids to do more and be better, not use smarta** remarks as primary coaching tools. They have ruined WO football for the next couple of years. Maybe the incoming 7th graders will have a chance if a culture change happens now.
  6. Nice that this one is broadcast on YouTube SHN network. Better than crappy nhfs network
  7. He didn’t resign. He declared he’s retiring.
  8. Exactly what White Oak doesn’t need. And giving the HC position to Adams is a mistake. He didn’t win in Hallsville and didn’t add to the equation this year. There needs to be a culture change, with someone who is young and wants to develop a program. We’ve had enough old men who think about football from the start of 2 a days until the last snap. That’s what got us last place. White Oak has talent-they just wouldn’t play for Iske and company.
  9. Dave Campbell’s had GW and Tatum at top 5 in 3A preseason.
  10. Hard to believe Jefferson, Tatum, Atlanta, and Gladewater all went down 1st round. Will White Oak, who was last in its district, finally tell their HC to move on?
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