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  1. Aubrey’s leading rusher was on crutches after the game yesterday. I assume he won’t play, which is quite unfortunate, but most teams are dealing with injury this time of year. I think PG wins, but maybe Aubrey can pull another close one out.
  2. I got here a little late. May have got injured on the first or second possession.
  3. Their starter at the beginning of the year hasn’t played in a long time. But I have not seen the RB that has been starting on the field.
  4. Should be a high scoring game then. May come down to turnovers.
  5. That’s typically Aubrey’s approach regardless of opponent. Does Center pass the ball well? How have they done against the run this year?
  6. Does anyone have info on Center? Looks like they can score some points, but also allow a lot. Aubrey averages about 48 points a game and averaged about 54 a game is district play.
  7. Aubrey strengths and solid games: Lost to top ten and undefeated 4A Div 1 Anna on a last second 80 yard hook and ladder. Aubrey beat Gainesville 63-6 and Gainesville beat Sunnyvale last night. Aubrey stomped on everyone in their district besides VA (but the VA game was never really close and Aubrey was dealing with a lot of injuries). I thought the district was very weak, but the district has faired well in the first round. Maybe district 6 is really bad? Aubrey is disciplined and has multiple good running backs despite their all-state running back and track star being hurt most of the year. They will likely run through anyone with a mediocre rush defense. Aubrey’s rush d is decent and they can get pressure on the QB. Aubrey weaknesses/bad performance: Their only bad game was against Sunnyvale. Aubrey won 28-24, and got outplayed. They were fortunate to get the win. This was the first game of the year, so I’m not sure how much stock to put into it at this point. Aubrey relies heavily on the run and might be in trouble when they play a team with a really solid rush defense. Aubrey’s pass d has improved but still appears to be vulnerable to big plays. I don’t know much about Center, but based solely on their schedule results, I’m guessing it will be a close game.
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