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  1. Stop by in Athens, Gun Barrel City, or Mabank heading to Malakoff. We got some fast food. The Mexican place that was good here was sold and imo had gone down hill since.
  2. Ocha's in Athens for Mexican food. If you want fish in Athens the Catfish corner. Malakoff just opened up a steak house, I haven't been yet but heard good things. Thr only thing I miss in Malakoff if Ocha's. They got bought out the the new owners that took over, it hasn't been the same.
  3. I think it's like 50 something days till the first game
  4. GV will be questionable on offense, I think they'll be more run than a balance offense this year. Their defense will be okay. I was surprised that they were ranked that high. Especially now that Allen is gone. I wasn't meaning that either would be a problem for us but those two teams to me, seem like the favorite to make the regional finals, imo.
  5. Winny has beat us before. Early '10s I believe. Gotta find a way to stop Jones and Hall.
  6. How's Brock looking this year? Y'all lost some good kids from graduation.
  7. Very well could be again. I'm not gonna get ahead of myself and say that. Anything could happen. With Brock being out of the picture now in region 1, kinda let up on somethings there. I think the greatest challenge in region 2 will be GV, Whitesboro.
  8. I really don't know how GV will look like. They lost a good class to graduation. I've been hearing that they got some good classes coming up. I also heard they lost Allen wr/cb/qb to transfer to Crowley. That'll hurt them.
  9. It'll be interesting for sure. If they can put together something quickly and get them to buy in, should be fun to watch.
  10. No sir. I haven't gotten my magazine yet. Benny posted our district and top 10, and thought I'd share it.
  11. I know. I saw that game. Lorena got on a hot streak too during that time period. As you know, it's all about match ups. I'm looking forward to seeing how the kids take to coach Wilson taking over on Defense for Koff.
  12. DAVE CAMPBELL'S TEXAS FOOTBALL DISTRICT 7-3A, DIVISION 1 PREDICTIONS Malakoff Winnsboro Commerce Mount Vernon Mineola Rains Eustace
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