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  1. I did say could. Lol. From what I've seen so far imo, would go like this, Koff Teague FF Groesbeck
  2. Chancey Hogg, sr, Malakoff 51-0 Malakoff over Fairfield 1 for 1 passing 21 yds passing 1 td 4 recs for 74 yds 1 td 4 returns for 134 yds, one for 78 yd td 1 int on defense
  3. Yep. Driskell starts pulling mid 3rd just to get the boys in shape but pretty much the same. They got some decent players. RB plays hard, the future QB looks decent. Had some size on the Oline. Had a huge Tackle. The old Allen coach has a lot of work to do. District 12 is looking real strong. Wish we didn't play Teague, want to see the Hitchcock/Yoakum game.
  4. Salado isn't Salado. They don't have the same mentality as last season. They have gone down hill. It was the same way with us. Our JV running back was running on them at the end of the game when Driskell finally let him in, they moved him up as there wasn't a game for them. I'm surprised they scored vs Hitchcock.
  5. Hate to hear that. Seems like Teague has been plagued with injuries the past couple of seasons. Teague is gonna have to come up with a good game plan to stop Koff's offense. FF last night decided to load the box to stop the run but wasn't able to stop the passing game. Jones has been making great decisions and can use his legs to extent the play or run it. Around mid 3rd we started to wear down FF defense front and started running the ball more making yards. We were still about 50/50 when the game I think FF will give Teague a good game. They weren't a bad team at all. Their Dline was good, they struggle in the secondary. FF game plan was working until we finally got a drive together. Would've started early on our first drive but the receiver didn't look to see if he was getting the ball and he was wide open for a td. Mexia is down. Groesbeck is Groesbeck
  6. True. I will say their qb can throw it in tight spots. He had a couple of great throws in some tight coverage vs us, one being on Hogg for a TD. Which is hard to do.
  7. Malakoff travels to Teague on Friday at 730. This game should be for the DC this week. I know Teague had some players banged up but maybe health by now. Could be a good game this week. Hopefully Koff can stay focus continue what they been doing.
  8. Both were good. I always thought Damontes was better on defense than at rb, imo.
  9. If he would put some more passing routes into the schemes he runs, that would help a lot. Get the te involved more, hell even a screen pass.
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