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  1. Good game Timpson. That fumble on the first drive followed by a 3 and out was the worst possible start we could have had. Defensively we had no answer for the 2 D1 kids. It happens. That’s a different game if we punch it in on the first drive, but it is what it is. Timpson played good up front, but I felt like the Tiger OL was handling them well enough to sustain drives as long as we didn’t have to get out of character chasing points like what happened. 6 & 10 are special players. We had no answer for either of them. I’m not sure anyone else had more than 10 yards of offense for them, but this is championship time. I’d ride those 2 as well. Good luck bears. I’ll be pulling for you to win the whole thing.
  2. Haha my brother in law was the center/LB on the only team to beat them that year. Actually that may have been the following year.
  3. Yep. I was at both of those games. We played RL at Kyle field. You can actually find those games on YouTube.
  4. Haha I forgot about that guy. Yea, he was a stud. Only played him in baseball once in a tournament. We were the unlucky team that got to see him on the mound.
  5. Funny thing. My brother in law played against that 02 team and was actually talking about trying to tackle Foreman today. Said it was like hitting a robot made of steel. Great team. Ran 3 plays and nobody could stop it.
  6. The Quan Cosby Mart team is the best team I’ve ever seen. The mart team when I was in school that ran out Damien Davis was also loaded. When it comes to best collection of talent at this level, the list begins with Mart. Edit to add - People older than me always say the Rodney Thomas Groveton teams are the best top to bottom of all time. But this group in Timpson is certainly special.
  7. Well that certainly depends on how far back you go. I’ve seen some mart teams that were absolutely loaded at every position on the field. Corrigan and Rosebud Lott as well.
  8. Same to you. Let’s enjoy a high level 2A football game tomorrow night
  9. You are correct that nobody who plays Timpson, us included that is expecting to walk into that game thinking they will win 100%. The bears have too much talent at skill positions to have that kind of thinking.
  10. Well the original comment was based on the history of a program. I mean, you’re certainly welcome to your opinion in however you want to shape the argument to fit it.
  11. For sure. I’ve had good football discussions with Timpson fans. I’m not saying they are all arrogant or anything. There are a select few of them that are on every website known to man acting like football was invented 2 years ago when Bussey walked into campus. that guy is one of them.
  12. It’s funny that people from Timpson have a talent like Bussey step onto campus and all of a sudden they are some power in football. No. You’re a flash in the pan. You’re 0-13 against Tenaha in your last 13 games. You’re not even the best program in a 50 mile radius of your town. Garrison has better history than Timpson does. oh and last I checked, losing is losing. Just because Timpson played Shiner close last year doesn’t make them any closer than we have been to winning a title in the last 10 years.
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