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  1. What a game by my Raiders. Athens gave it all they had but the Raiders were just too much. Also kinda disappointed in how an Athens player acted on our sideline when the game was almost over. Congrats Athens on a great season!
  2. I think Lumberton would have something to say about that. Undefeated district champs two years in a row now
  3. If our boys keep playing like they have been I have a feeling Raider Nation will be coming back down south with a close victory.
  4. My Raiders were up 42-7 at halftime last night. Kilgore definitely should win this one by halftime if not something is wrong lol.
  5. As bad as I want Vidor to win for our district I just don’t see it happening.
  6. Our district went My Raiders undefeated district champs LCM Vidor Livingston
  7. I have a feeling png/setx fans will play into this game. PNG side sold out and allowing to sit on other side so better be ready for some loud PNG Indian fans all over that stadium
  8. You realize our basketball boys have already been winning without the football boys? Now add the football boys it will be even better.
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