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  1. I have a feeling png/setx fans will play into this game. PNG side sold out and allowing to sit on other side so better be ready for some loud PNG Indian fans all over that stadium
  2. You realize our basketball boys have already been winning without the football boys? Now add the football boys it will be even better.
  3. What a season for my boys. Proud of their fight and heart this season. Good luck CH next week!
  4. Good luck to both teams tonight. Safe travels to everyone. If you see a silver car pulling in at kickoff on two wheels just ignore it, it’s me driving like crazy to get there after I get off work lol. Lets go Raiders!
  5. And actually it was suppose to be a 2 pm game but with the extreme temps they moved it up to 11 but still was over 100 in the stands and turf gets 40-70 degrees hotter. Other teams changed their games to that night because of the temps
  6. Um yes. It was a 2 pm game on a Saturday the temp was over 100 in the stands.
  7. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hope you all have a great day and good luck to your teams tomorrow if they are still in the playoffs.
  8. Our 6th graders just got their Super Bowl ring this past weekend also. And I never said anything about winning state because of all this, I said we’d be fine going forward after this year.
  9. Not going to lie when we got in the car in the ac I told my friends I have no idea how either team did it because I was about to die in the stands. Especially y’all not having as many players.
  10. But also our Jv was undefeated district champs and the juniors and sophomores are the ones that won superbowls growing up so I don’t see us having a problem next season. These boys coming up and the underclassmen on varsity are definitely going to keep the L-Train going next season.
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