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  1. Your chapter conducts job fairs at nursing homes. I'll pass.....
  2. No, but he got a good laugh out of it.
  3. Oh I bet I could gimp up and down the field better than you do.
  4. You must be an alternate on the search committee. One of the few that didn't turn down the offer
  5. LOL....not a coach. Not even a poor excuse for a ref.
  6. Since 2008... West Rusk, Arp, Garrison, Dangerfield, DK, RW, Cville, PP, Waskom, Troup, Spring Hill, ND,Jefferson, HF, Tatum, Harmony, Leonard, Mineola.... This is a complete list of HS non district opponents since "early on" as you say. So enlighten us on how you figure this is soft non district scheduling. Who, in all your football wisdom, would you have scheduled in east Texas. Hell son that just about covers east Texas. The truth is, you are clueless. And it shows.
  7. Jglass, I won't do all the work for you. I'm a busy man. But here's a start. HS didn't schedule 4 State Champions for preseason. But who would you say is weak? Garrison 35-30 Mineola 44-34 Leonard 25-22 Jefferson 35-24
  8. Ever heard of MaxPreps? They have things like schedules, scores, and ROSTERS. Not sure if you haven't been to a game in the last decade, or if you just like typing your opinion over and over. Either way, you have no idea what you are talking about. Soft preseason schedules? Controlling how many kids enroll in school? I mean yea I guess the local industry and job situation is the coaches fault? What's "below average"? A good while now? If your are going to attempt to run down a program on SDC, you need more than your obvious dislike for the coach.
  9. Kinda hard to tell why they transfer out isn't it.
  10. I've heard that too. I don't really think he is the type of coach she is hoping to find. Plus I don't think he would give up the gig he has to coach high school football. But who knows.
  11. You would think. Being his kid and all.
  12. Correct. There are much bigger issues now than the "new guy". The weak followers need to be replaced with leaders by voting them out. Then they can fix the bigger problem within the administration building. BUT in the meantime people will continue to talk about it.
  13. Well....you know what they say about opinions. HS scheduled Clarksville like 4 times in 14 years. Probably when you played.
  14. I hear the best receiver will be going with coach Edwards. His foster kid. Hear a couple more good players will be transferring out as well. But hey, they the halls are full of studs not willing to play for Edwards. Probably have a 45 man roster next year!
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