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  1. Heard they hired a pretty good baseball coach. Can anyone confirm?
  2. 7 are gone from previous staff. 5 resigned. 1 fired. 1 decided to teach and drive a bus only. 2 have been hired. Maybe 3 if you count an intern. Unless they have hired more since I heard last. Either way, seems understaffed.
  3. Yep. Time to break out the ol stipend checks and start approaching the resource officers, principals, janitors, and the cafeteria lady. Somebody gotta do it. At this point just a breathing body will have to do.
  4. If he can hire 3-4 coaches over the summer and keep those schedule changes down......maybe.
  5. That's a straight up lie. Video cameras not just on the bus. They are in the coaches office too. Even have one of a two faced dude apologizing to Ed for being wrong about him. Shook his hand. What a pathetic joke.
  6. There's been big talk of "culture" change here by the new "staff". Well.....it seems to be changing LOL. Coming in with 2 playoff appearances to a school who has hasn't MISSED the playoffs that many times in a decade talking about changing the culture is laughable at best. But you can read it on Twitter
  7. Coach Ed handled the discipline for athletics incidents. This would have never happened under his watch. Never. I hear the high school principal is handling this. A few wanted change. Well......they are getting it. Sadly, the vast majority didn't but they have to suffer the same fate.
  8. You keep telling yourself that. Just Because Ed tuned you up and you felt like little Johnny didn't get a fair shake doesn't make it true. HS is now looked at as a joke. That wasn't the case when he was there. HS will have the lowest number roster in years. Instead of all the ghost kids who wouldn't play for Ed coming out, a lot of the ones who DID will not be in athletics next year. It truly is a circus now. Dumpster fire is a good description. Embarrassing.
  9. HS hired the OC from Olney. I think his name is Greg Fortner.
  10. I hear they finally lured an OC from Olney Tx. Records about the same as AD. But hey, at least we have another Herbalife Rep in town!
  11. Well good! The guy came in with a plan. I mean that's one way to get all the studs that wouldn't play for Coach Edwards out of the bleachers and on the field. Roster should be 40 plus this year.
  12. PA 400 Is that a good statistic for a DC? Some of you football guys know what that means? Somebody texted me that today with one of those forehead slap emojis. Idk what they are getting at.
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