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  1. Just going off of what I was told, didint have a chance to make it. Possibly the jv scrimmage is what that was referring.. just a reporter here. I will look into it
  2. All in all glad everyone in the scrimmage come out healthy. Buffalo was very undersized compared to what they usually dress out, but was a decent enough test… probably better than what CC is gonna see next week against Huntington… The freshman started at fullback instead of running back which I think is going to suit him best! He’s huge! And had a few bruiser Carries in there today, he really impressed me, he is going to be a stud if he hangs with it. Sullivan delivered some excellent passes he is already greatly improving the passing game, and has a few dicy receivers to choose from. The DE wearing #13 impressed me most of all, he made tackles all over the field, probably more than 6 for a loss of yards as well! He also played some tailback and is pretty shifty! I think the dogs may have more to work with than I originally thought.. but we will see.. Buna In week 1 is still definitely going to be the indicator game, they will be hands down better than buffalo or Huntington.. I’m anxious to see, but it’s one week at a time and I am very pleased with what I seen today. Let’s go dogs!
  3. CC scored once on buffalo and then got stopped on the 1 with no plays left. All controlled, no live quarter. Held buffalo scoreless, defense is gonna be salty I do believe… Offense probably needs the most tuning up, but didint look too shabby!
  4. CC scored once and stopped short on the 1 with no plays remaining. Held buffalo scoreless, all controlled plays, no live quarter. Defense impressed, if they continue to improve they’re gonna be salty. Offense didint look to bad either, the passing game has really improved with Sullivan at QB. Run game wasn’t bad either! Offense probably needs the most tuning up but overall I’m pleased with how the dogs performed in the first scrimmage of the season!
  5. Don’t have to. Are you familiar with UIL classifications?
  6. CC travels to buffalo today for first scrimmage. JV starts at 9:00 AM with varsity to follow
  7. TC Williams also beat a stout Groveton team that season,having to play backup sunshine after the rev went down with a broken wrist… instant classic
  8. CC also nearly pulled off the biggest upset in jv football history back in 2012 both CC and Lufkin had the bye week on the same week and agreed to play that Thursday night and this was Lufkin’s JV A team too. The dogs come up short 16-8, but man the story it would have been if 2a CC beat 5a Lufkin even in a jv game! That’s just a testament to what CC football was like back then…
  9. Are you forgetting about when the Dillon panthers took on the west Cambria mustangs in the state title game??
  10. Not necessarily an upset, both teams were pretty even I’d say but the 4ot thriller between CC and Alto in 2004 in the second round was wild one. Sleet, ice, and probably the most brutal, physical game in CC history. CC pulled it out in 4 ot 18-12 and that was when Alto was on the rise to their dominant 05 and 06 teams. Only downfall was CC was so banged up after that game they didint stand a chance the next week against Troup in round 3. Troup shut them out but definitely a memorable win for the dogs
  11. Can’t believe you still won’t give your oilers a chance!!
  12. Is cline and the infamous green notebook coming to joe Quinn as well??
  13. It’s upon us guys. First scrimmages are taking place this week and Texas HSFB is about to officially be underway! Here’s a topic for you guys. What’s some of your teams biggest upset/ most miraculous wins? Some for CC include the 2008 team that traveled to Newton and defeated the #2 state ranked eagles on their home turf 26-20. The young 2017 team pulled off two miraculous wins one on a last second pick in the end zone as time expires to defeat Crockett 23-22. And A 2OT win against garrison several weeks later 22-21. The 1986 dogs beat returning state finalists and state ranked Groveton in a 6-0 slobberknocker! The 2013 dogs beat a stout center team in a 35-33 nailbiter. I’m sure @corrigancamden09 has a ton more! Let’s hear it guys!
  14. Most definitely. As are you @89Falcon we may not agree 100% of the time but not everyone on here has to, that’s what makes it interesting! I’m not one to just agree with someone to avoid disagreement and neither are you. I respect that
  15. Prolly better off anyways. Them Deweyville skeeters carry a man plum off
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