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  1. There is a brand new cell tower near the stadium but it’s been so long since i’ve been to a game I don’t know if it works and I live here
  2. exciting matchup, absolutely ready for it!
  3. Center has hired some new and familiar faces, what do you guys know about them? Head Baseball Coach Robert Ellis - Former Head Baseball Coach at Bullard Coach Kyle Parks - Parks played QB in a Meeks offense back in 2015 when Meeks was in Center Coach Brad Britton - Former Gilmer coach, comes out of retirement to coach in Center Coach Cayle Irvin - Pretty sure he was a player under Meeks at Alto Coach Nathan Anderson - don’t know too much about him
  4. Not having Tatum vs Center for the 6th time in a row isn’t sitting right with me , i’ll miss our so called rivalry
  5. they don’t know about it fr
  6. you would think, there’s a lot of so called “gang” activity.. pathetic behavior!
  7. please keep me updated with this! also is there a thread for this?
  8. live sorry, but they’ve lived there for more than 2 decades now
  9. it’s facts tho, his father stays in timpson with his family , grandmother also stays in timpson
  10. majority of his family stays in Timpson, Brother and Sister stay in Center
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