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  1. Them boys look ready to shock the district coach !!! #FullSpeedNasty I only got yall losing to sabine
  2. lol sabine is next LE gotta wait one more year
  3. We were told that the topic should be about LE ! Im assuming we’re suppose to crown them district champs
  4. It makes sense now !! He randomly shows up and pretends he haven’t seen it
  5. lol ig u dont see that one guy bringing up #FULLSPEEDNASTY every other day
  6. ion think anyone wants to go to WO rn respectfully unless its a last option
  7. LOL mannn no way WO goes 0-10 again right?
  8. i’m predicting WO gonna average 50-60 points a game
  9. take us off the list and put Sabine or WO
  10. White Oak and all those 4.2 40s are 110% coming in last
  11. I agree with you on that unc !! Yall can have 2nd place behind us next season
  12. uh oh sabine might light the district up with that passing game
  13. I hope not all he does is talk about they kids getting faster.. I dont think thats the reason for the 0-10 season
  14. I feel sorry for you guys when district starts. If im bein honest those smaller school might beat yall
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