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  1. Board Meeting tonight to announce @RETIREDFAN1 as the NEW AD to lead the Hometown Dogs!!!
  2. Small school admin kills towns in Texas all the time as of late.
  3. The job has also been taken off School Website, and never posted on THSCA...... I guess they have their guy? Or somebody's relative? lol!
  4. 1. West Sabine 2.Deweyville 3.Evadale 4. HD 5. West Hardin 6. Sabine Pass 7. Colmesneil
  5. Looks like they anticipate every coach to leave LOL
  6. What are some interesting teams this year? Any surprising stories?
  7. STATE FINALS PICKEMS Benjamin vs. Gordon Mart Timpson vs. Gunter vs. Franklin Bellville vs. Chapel Hill vs. SOC vs. Aledo vs. DeSoto GP Northshore vs.
  8. The poster of this should be ashamed of themselves... I'm sure they don't tip at restaurants either! lol
  9. Timpson vs. vs. Tidehaven vs. Brock Gilmer vs. Chapel Hill vs. vs. PNG GP Northshore vs. vs. Aledo vs. Mart vs. Franklin vs. Albany Tolar Gunter Wimberly Decatur vs. SOC vs. Smithson Valley vs. Duncanville DeSoto vs. Summer Creek vs.
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