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  1. Bama recruiting classes prior to sabans second year. 2002 - 30 2003 - 48 2004 - 15 2005 - 18 2006 - 11 Enter Saban spring of 2007. 2007 - 10 2008 - 1 That first number 1 class came off the heal of a 7-6 season. Just saying…
  2. I did think this one was dumb but probably 70% of them are pretty good.
  3. Disappointed. This could have gone so much better.
  4. Some specifics would be nice. I mean I just don’t understand your statement that he’s a top 2 scumbag in college football just based off “recruiting the past two decades.” Some examples would be helpful to understand your position.
  5. You have Jimbo as one of the top 3 sleazy coaches in the game? Based on what? Just curious.
  6. Nah. I mean if I just pooped my pants as a 3 TD favorite to a coach that told the whole world he was gonna do it before hand and I mocked him for it, I’d be salty too. Even the goat isn’t above being petty.
  7. Embarrassment and feeling threatened. Not from the recruiting class but from the game in October. Jimbo delivered on a promise with a backup qb and a WR corps held together with masking tape. And Saban mocked Jimbo in the spring for sticking his neck out and calling his shot. This is quickly becoming a personal rivalry for Saban/Jimbo.
  8. Is Hall the kid that when to like 3-4 different high schools and then left Bama after 1 year?
  9. Glad to see a Louisiana guy still has his values in order. You can’t help A&M recruit against LSU. Go ahead and blast away coach!
  10. I know a lot of Aggies turn their nose up at the idea, but I’m going to be mad as hell if the league is not set up in a way where A&M and Texas do not have games every year.
  11. I can get behind this, but only for a HC. Something else I wouldn’t mind is letting new coaches sign as many players as they want as long as they stay under the 85 man limit. You wanna overhaul your team and sign 40 kids? Fine by me. I think new coaches should be allowed to “clean house” the same way that kids are allowed to jump ship.
  12. That’s the way it should be. I have no idea why we even bother with letters of intent anymore if these kids can just leave whenever with no consequences. I get leaving if you’re unhappy, but you should not be eligible immediately.
  13. And my delay is response because I don’t think it matters. You couldn’t even comprehend my statement correctly. You thought I was addressing the rumor when I am actually addressing your interpretation of the origin of the rule.
  14. If I drag this out and make you look stupid then you better take YOUR L. you made a comment about this being directed at 2 teams in Texas. I asked which two and you then crawfished about rumors. I then point out how stupid and liberal you sound because you’re assuming this entire “rule” was aimed at a program because some message board hero posted a rumor online. But the point is you stretched this so far that you felt confident enough in saying this was aimed specifically at A&M BASED OFF A RUMOR. I was never arguing you said it was a rumor. I was arguing that you felt confident enough to make an accusation then when asked why you then crawfished behind the word rumor. My whole point is why don’t you (and everyone else) have a little integrity and stop running with message board rumors without even slightly trying to provide some evidence. The Texas thing is not a rumor. They have been very vocal about their NIL collective deals up front even offering locked in guarantees for kids regardless if they are committed or not. so I get where you want to make statements about maybe this was aimed at them, all I asked was leave A&M out of it until proof is provided. Then afterwards by all means slap them for their deals as well.
  15. You already know the answer to that… There are about a dozen untouchables in college football. Then there’s about 20-30 that will get sanctions but just mediocre level stuff. The rest will get hammered.
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