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  1. Texas fans think 2000s mack is their normal. Traditionally speaking 8-9 win average over a decade with a couple of elite years is their normal. Which is still really freaking good. But its unrealistic to think your BEST decade is your normal decade.
  2. This is why y'all haven't done anything in 10 years. Your fan base lives like 2005 was 2 years ago and it doesn't really matter anyways because at least its still better than aggy.
  3. I do expect QB play to be better under Sark. That being said I think Texas fans should try their hardest to wipe the recent bama results from their minds. There isn't a single Texas starter that would have played at Bama during those two years Sark was there. The amount of talent Sark had was unreal. Texas fans do not need to use Bama's offense over the last two seasons as any sort of measuring stick. If they do it could be a rough first couple of seasons. When its all said and done there was 10 first rounders on those two teams. That talent level makes everyone look good.
  4. It really does... Since the 70s its very even.
  5. I meant exclusively. Like he's not one of those kids that worked with a private QB coach hitting the camp circuits all spring/summer. He played multiple sports and worked on things that did not just benefit him as a football player. He has not given 100℅ focus towards improving his body and technique the way many elite qb recruits do.
  6. The thing about King is that he has never really focused on football. He's been an all around athlete that has barely tapped his potential at the position. I do think arm strength was a concern but that could simply be he was probably 170 pounds when he got to A&M . Just the natural bulk up to a solid 210 or so playing weight would add tons of strength to his arm IMO. But make no mistake he is not a guy that runs and can throw a little bit. He has good accuracy and has very nice touch on deep throws. His legs are an asset not his main strength. He's not a Heard type player like ment
  7. None of this is official statements yet you do realize that right... Its all leaked info and unofficial statements from "multiple sources." I know you are just tickled pink at the thought of aggy looking like they have egg on their face here but that doesn't mean its the case. You can't just listen to one source thats unofficial then then turn around and ignore another unofficial source simply because you like ones message better. THAT is some cnn level stuff...
  8. Thats not correct. See my quoted tweet from early. Multiple sources are reporting that they confirmed from other schools that A&M was involved. They may not have wanted it but the were involved.
  9. Agreed. I actually thing King is limited as a practice guy. His legs are such a weapon and you don't see that in a scrimmage or practice. But your point is correct. Nobody knows what's really going to happen with QB for these two teams just yet. Its picking two unknowns based off the color jersey not anything meaningful.
  10. It makes more sense than A&M not having a clue about any of this until now. I'm also not convinced it was leaked from A&M. I know it was from a writer that covers A&M, but I do not believe it was their leak. It just makes no sense if you're A&M to leak that at this time in this way. If its already a done deal as its being talked about you leaked it too late.
  11. Other schools are reporting A&M was involved and not left out of discussions. I don't think its smoke. I think the smoke is this meeting. The BOR is meeting is the smoke. This meeting is nothing more than a way to sit back and count money while pretending to be upset over this so the donors who oppose it are happy. The meeting means nothing.
  12. Its already been reported they knew. This meeting is stupid. Its not even 100℅ about realignment. But the timing of it just makes A&M look stupid regardless of what they actually talk about....
  13. Its cool. Maybe now you can forgive me for not thinking a HC with a 46-35 record and a program that is on its 3rd HC in 7 seasons is not exactly in a position to assume dominance over anyone...
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