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  1. This. A&M has an indoor facility coming that will expand on their already top 5 facilities. His staff is paid very well and he's in the hunt for the number 1 class. He's not leaving A&M nor strong arming them for another 3 mil just because LSU came sniffing. Thats what his initial raise was for earlier this season.
  2. message board chatter... Jimbo is not taking the LSU job. A&M doesn't even have to match 12-13mil.
  3. Yea thats very likely. He must see a lot of potential in him at TE because TE is a position that A&M has recruited well at over the last few classes. Some injuries but overall some very good players.
  4. Its hard to get anyone to come be a third option. There's probably only a handful of teams in the entire country that wouldn't see significant dropoff if they went from QB1 to QB2. There's not a single team in the country that could salvage a season with QB3. Nobody has that sort of depth anymore at the position thanks to the portal.
  5. I'd say just a healthy king is worth 2.5 more wins. Better/Healthy WRs are worth an extra 1. 11-1 with king as the starter IMO.
  6. He essentially was just brought in to help fisher bring in a few more RPO type looks. Hes a wasted staffer at this point. Not a great recruiter and Jimbo does the rest...
  7. 100% on board with this. I also think that even as stubborn as he is changes will likely happen with the offensive scheme this off season. Injuries or not you can't look like they have all season as a top 10 caliber team. Even in the wins the offense was a problem. The only time I've loved Jimbo as a play caller is when he takes the ball out of his QBs hands and just trust his running game. Idk if its the QB in him that is so hell bent on making it a QB centered offense or what but he's going to have to adjust. You can't run a pro style offense with extreme complexity at the expense of slowing everyone down because they are thinking too much or missing open guys because players can't process fast enough. Some QBs will thrive in his offense and some will look worse than they really are. Calzada is one of those I think.
  8. A lot of this is on fisher. I'd put the last two losses specifically on him. Why we went away from letting Achane get 8 yards a carry out of the pistol I'll never understand. Both games it cost us a victory. Especially last night. Under no circumstances can I feel satisfied with this season regardless of injuries.
  9. I hope now we can move on from the swamp kitties pouting about the calls in that OT game. They got their favor back tonight. That was outrageous the forward progress call on the strip. Also got away with a hell of a push off on that play that you could see from space...
  10. Perfect ending for how this season has gone for both programs.
  11. The development is not good, but the rotation is what's really bad. How they expect to get anyone ready when they only play the same 3 guys every snap unless they are injured is beyond me. Moose has been a stud every time he touches the field but is not getting any PT.
  12. I don't think there are very many A&M fans who want Calzada to be the starter next year. He has earned his time in the sun because of his toughness, but I'll be shocked if he is even on the roster next year. My guess would be he transfers out in the summer after King and Weigman get spring ball to show they are solid. And then of course its the same song and dance next year with just two QBs and what if they get hurt type scenarios. I absolutely agree WR and TE play has played a factor in this, but its mostly calzada from what I've seen. Yes some passes should have been caught but some of those were just lasers for no reason. Its not as easy as people make it sound to turn your head out of a break and have a 60mph dart about a foot above your head as soon as your eyes readjust.
  13. Its being tossed around A&M is a likely destination. Craig is on thin ice many believe as the WR coach. Its also out there that the current RB coach Robinson is a candidate for the Troy HC job and thats his alma mater. So filling either or both of those positions is a real possibility.
  14. That arkansas game I wonder if that converted TE could have played and just pretty much been a wildcat. If nothing else just get arkansas adjust and then see what happens. Thats specifically the game that has me so mad about the lack of QB depth.
  15. You could have called the game the exact same way but had ANYONE else at QB and you win. Because anyone with a brain takes the 3-8 yards they were giving up until they get out of dropping 8. Calzada was single handedly responsible for that loss. 3 different times this year teams got in a 3 man front and dropped 8 majority of the time and all 3 times A&M couldn't do anything against it. Even the running game couldn't get going which is crazy to me. Jimbo really struggled against that look this year and I'm not sure if its specifically calzada or a young oline or what.
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