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  1. The hidden stat for him was he probably rushed for 40ish (I don’t know the exact amount) yards and moved the chains at least 3 times I know of with his legs. That’s huge for this offense.
  2. You saying usc has looked good to mediocre outside this week means you don’t know what you’re watching. They have looked very good even if it is “beating nobody.” Those same nobodies actually beat Kansas st once so what’s your excuse for that? Like I said isn’t it possible that this tells us more about OU than it does Kansas st? Perhaps it’s less about Kansas st being good and more about OU was overrated. Kind of like Tech and Texas this weekend. Is Tech just top 20 good because they beat Texas or is Texas overrated. Or perhaps neither and it’s just one weekend does not decide the entire body of work of a season…
  3. I know you’ve got a thing for USC and that’s who I assumed you wanted to talk about, but I just haven’t seen anything that makes me think KSU beats them handily. I get you think USC is overrated and they probably are, but I just don’t think one game makes you what you are. KSU has looked mediocre at absolute best every week except Saturday. USC has look very good every single week except Saturday. I don’t think saturdays results should discredit what any team did before. If we are only going off one weeks results I want to take away the loss to app st and throw A&M in my top 10 lol.
  4. They looked good, but you said donkey stomp the bottom half and I just don’t see that. KSU has only looked that good one time all year. I think it told us more about OU than it did KSU.
  5. Tennessee is tough. I don’t for a second think Kansas st beats them.
  6. Not at A&M he hasn’t. At FSU with Winston he would blow teams out and make it look easy from time to time.
  7. I have mixed feelings. I do hate the 3 man front for a team that’s loaded at DL, but then again the defense held Arkansas scoreless for 2.5 quarters after the initial 14 and gave the offense the chances it need to get going. At this point I just think winning ugly is our identity. I don’t think we know how to play well start to finish, but defensively they can be very good in spurts.
  8. I agree. That drive could have been the dagger. Instead it was the drive that left the game up for grabs.
  9. Bama played down not Texas playing up. This defense still has issues.
  10. Max is a better QB King. The problem is Jimbos scheme. Period. Arkansas I literally the LAST PLACE passing defense in the entire country. Jimbos scheme allowed for 51 yards passing in the first half. It’s on Jimbo. Max isn’t a championship caliber QB, but he’s not QB only capable of 51 yards in a half.
  11. Real friends don’t get married in the fall.
  12. The “right” QB is a true freshman who isn’t ready yet. But I think the real answer isn’t we have the wrong QB. The real answer we have the wrong OC.
  13. Jimbo was about to get 90 mil either way. Whether it was from A&M or LSU. A&M, coming off a top 5 finish and halfway to a best recruiting class ever, chose to be the team to offer him 90 before lsu did. I agree he’s overpaid, but do you balk at 90 coming off those results when you’re already paying 75 and let him go to LSU and then start from scratch? He’s not worth 90, but not a single coach alive besides Saban is. Jimbo is absolutely a top 10 HC. The problem is he’s a a bottom 10 OC. Jimbo hiring a real OC would do wonders for this team.
  14. They have several defensible lineman hurt, but I agree it’s stupid. The strength of this team is the dline depth. The weakness of this team is LB depth, so let’s just take a DL off to add an extra linebacker. Absolutely stupid.
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