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  1. Yea Prime’s little Twitter feuds the last couple of months have me hoping he fails from here on out. It’s clear he’s a sham and is not a real coach, he’s just someone who was able to grift a few high transfer kids into joining him in his efforts to get his kids drafted. That’s all he’s here for and I expect him to fall out the coaching scene entirely once his kids are gone.
  2. Completely agree. Are we going to start letting prisoners out for drug offenses in cities/states where it is now legal? This is and has been a stupid topic and should have never gained traction.
  3. Nebraska is also a terrible matchup for A&M… teams that are good from 3 are nearly impossible for A&M to beat.
  4. Amazing time for him. I figured he’d be 4.3s. 4.21 is a ridiculous time.
  5. Thats true. It very well could be he ends up somewhere else because of that.
  6. I’ve been reading this was pretty much done after the coaching change. He’s not buying into the changes since his position coach is gone. I think it’s the reason so many DBs were brought in the portal. I would imagine he’s lsu bound after the spring.
  7. I watched that buzzer beater several times and I’m pretty sure the shot wasn’t blocked he just lost it and regained possession after the travel. They would have never called something that close but it shouldn’t have come down to that to begin with.
  8. Football doesn’t drive the bus in the big 12. It’s been a basketball conference for a while now imo. Very good depth.
  9. Idk about that one. There are some really strong academic programs out there. LSU and OU fit in here. Probably Bama as well. It’s a far cry from most though imo.
  10. I think Bama fans are about to be very surprised how much of an impact Saban had for them. Alabama will always be a very good program. They know what it takes to win from an organizational standpoint and they will keep trying until they get it right. But they are in for a rude awakening if they think life will be the same under any coach not named Saban. He was the best to ever do it. They will likely never achieve the run they had those 15ish years under him again. Hell honestly nobody probably ever will. There were most definitely players who understood that and 100% went to Alabama solely for Nick Saban.
  11. My guess is there were certain expectations that needed to be met for him to receive all the funds/perks and he didn’t meet them. Goes to social media and tries to slander because that’s what immature and emotional 20 year olds do.
  12. Theres a reason he’s not at A&M. It’s because A&M is not doing these things.
  13. They lose about 80% of their receiving production and several big pieces of the defense. Really don’t understand the take of them not losing much. Im not saying they are going to suddenly become a 6-6 team, just don’t think they are a playoff contender. I can see a 8-4 or 9-3 type season where they drop a game or two that’s close like they did in 2022 where the inexperience in certain positions cost them.
  14. Oh I know they got a very favorable draw compared to OU’s.
  15. The Washington guy would have ended up at Texas if Bama hired Sark imo. This is the year we really see what Sark is made of. He loses so much and plays a tougher schedule that he’s had. If he wins 10+ this year I’ll be sold on him, but I’m expecting more like 7 or 8 with the amount of production he’s lost.
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