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  1. It depends on how we are defining blue bloods. What defines a blue blood? Is it titles? Total wins? Combination? Titles Minnesota has 4 titles. Nebraska and Miami have 5. My opinion is the blue bloods are Bama, OU, ND, Ohio st and USC. Those 5 schools have at least 7 titles and make up 5 of the top 6 in total wins. Texas is right on the fence. 5th in win totals but has half the titles of the 5 I mentioned. I lean towards including them in the blue blood discussion but I do think if they are in, Miami and Nebraska should be as well. I also think blue blood is a term for older more historical programs. LSU has the same number of titles as Texas but 3 out 4 came in the last 20 years and I would consider LSU and Clemson to be “new money” rather than traditional powers. Michigan and Penn st also deserve spots somewhere on this list but they are lacking in the trophy case as well.
  2. And before anyone derails this thread, I’m trying to talk about Saban and Bama. If anyone wants to discuss A&M, take it to the A&M thread and bring proof or shut your punk mouths.
  3. What does A&M have to do with this? I’m addressing how Saban brags about NIL and how the reputation of Bama commands 7 figures for certain positions regardless if a player has played a down, then two years later is acting like paying players is beneath him. Look I’m all for the second stance. I do not think college players should be given this much before they even play a down. But Saban essentially bragged about Bryce and his NIL deal using it as a recruiting tool. Then changed his tune when he found out other schools might pay that much too.
  4. I was just referring to his comments on “before they earn it.” He talks about Bryce Young and implies that the qb position at Bama is the million dollar position, not that the player earned it:
  5. Also Nick Saban… https://fortune.com/2021/07/21/bryce-young-nil-deals-endorsements-name-image-likeness-ncaa-sponsors-nick-saban/amp/
  6. The basketball teams seems to have really found a groove. They are looking pretty solid right now.
  7. He was a freshman all American at QB in limited starts… I get you hate Jimbo, but Weigman has played well at QB and has a very good future as a football prospect regardless if you like the program he plays for or not. Baseball is so much harder to make it in. He’s more polished a baseball player but his ceiling is lower. He’s the type of kid that had he gone pro baseball, likely ends up playing college football in 4-5 years as a 23 year old when he just couldn’t crack into the bigs and wants to try his shot at an nfl contract.
  8. He would have gone in the top 3 rounds but made it clear very early he was going football route so mlb teams didn’t waste a pick. He’s probably a more polished baseball than football player and may be better at baseball naturally.
  9. From what I remember Swoopes did not run over everyone and that was the thing. He played 2A ball and was 4 inches and 30 pounds bigger than even the lineman for most the teams he played against and his team still went 2-8. He didn’t take over the game even when he physically should/could have. And when you can’t take that next step and just truly shine at the small school level it’s hard to make the jump to do it at the power 5 level. Yes you upgrade talent around you but at the same rate the competition level around you increases as well. It’s mostly an even trade.
  10. That’s fine. Your stance is perfectly fine and I agree with it. I just wanted a single Texas fan to get on here and admit it’s pushing it a little to have this kid ranked as one of the best ever…. That doesn’t change what positives he brings or what he’s capable of.
  11. This is dumbest argument. His teammates were just as garbage as his competition. You’re telling me if you put Kyler, VY, Cam Newton etc on these teams they couldn’t take over the game? Get out of here…. My bad though guys. You keep circle jerking to the kid and making this an Aggie vs Texas thing instead of having a brain and having a real football discussion.
  12. I feel like you’re against my statements but then turn around and say the same exact things I say. I’m not saying other programs don’t have kids that are overranked and end up being bust. Im not saying the kid is only ranked this high because of who is committed to. You say you don’t follow recruiting and that’s fine. I do. A lot. And there has never been a prospect like Arch get this high ranking with his stat line against small school competition. Most small school kids are always punished in the rankings. Especially QBs. Most kids are always punished for not competing on the camp circuit. Not Arch. I hear what you’re saying that they are professionals that do this for a living, but have you seen his film? Have you checked his stat lines? If you truly in your heart see a QB billed as one of the best ever that’s fine, I just don’t. And there’s nothing wrong with that it’s not just because he’s going to Texas and everyone should pile on the Aggie for having an opinion of the player.
  13. My knock is that when I watch his film I do not see a great player. I see a player with tools but he doesn’t take over games the way great players do. When I look at his stat line I see stats that reflect a mid 3 star prospect. The types of stats that small school Texas kids put up and then disappear when they up the competition. My knock is that he did not camp and compete with other QBs to see what he’s got. Traditionally not competing in the camp circuit has results in rankings drops. Not for Arch. You ask me why I knock him and that’s fine. What I’m saying is can we say anything about him other than his last name that justifies a 5 star ranking? Not just a 5 star but one of the highest ranked QBs ever. That’s what I’m asking. Just what is the thought process is for his ranking/hype outside of name.
  14. I think you’re overestimating what the college football world thinks of Arch… I’ve seen many say he’s overrated. Look guys are you capable of being realistic even for a second? Are you capable of living in a world where arch can be overrated right now and still turn out to be a solid player for you guys? My comments are simply that he’s ranked like one of the best QBs of all time, and really the only real argument for it is “look at his family tree.” His actual on the field play is not one of the best ever and if you think that based on his high school career you’re lying to yourself. His measurables and arm talent are good but so are many others with better stats and accomplishments to this point in their careers. I just don’t understand why you guys can’t put your bias against me aside and see he’s overrated. And before anyone wants to make comments about it’s my bias that’s the problem, I’ve been saying he’s overrated since the initial ranking of him before Texas was even a school people thought was in the running.
  15. Oh I agree on all points. But I think he will breath a little creative life into an offense that needs it.
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