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  1. Yea there’s not a person alive that truly thinks A&M is last in the sec. It’s just not logical. It’s something for low IQ individuals like yourself to giggle over.
  2. Guy has top 2 round talent but will likely end up in prison. How some of these kids can be given so much talent just to throw it away trying to live the “thug life” is beyond me.
  3. He’s 50/50 for me. He has made some decent hires in the non revenue sports. It all depends on how he handles Jimbo if this season is not good.
  4. I agree with all of this. He has better pocket presence and has more potential to extend plays with his legs to make throws. Johnson is either take the sack or bail out early a lot of times because he doesn’t press much. That’s fine if you’ve got a great oline or a good running game that you’re just asking him not to make mistakes. I do not believe A&M can get to the level it should be at with this much talent by just having a bus driver at QB (which I think Johnson is). They need a little more juice at that position that can make teams pay for stacking the box. Fishers legacy and his future at A&M to me is in the hands of Connor Weigman being able to elevate this team to a different level. If he’s still putting up mediocre numbers and this team stumbles to 7-5 this season Fisher is done. But there’s just enough talent on this roster that with the right breaks health wise and some big jumps in production from last years freshman that saw tons of minutes, they could win 10 and bring some momentum back to save Fishers tenure. Big ifs in there but to me you have to hope Weigman is that guy.
  5. Completely agree there. Honestly I don’t think we can even begin the discussions on him until at least year 3.
  6. My opinion is this is just his way. I don’t think you’ll see many cases he names a starter in the spring unless it’s an obvious incumbent. I mean even though he looked good, Johnson has a lot of SEC experience and is very capable.
  7. I think it’s just simply the hype was a little high. Being ranked among the best QBs ever you just have so much to live up to.
  8. All of the podcast I’ve listened to this week basically said the same thing… Arch looked like a kid barely capable of playing D1 football. Is that true? That the learning curve is obviously going to be steep but also that he showed a weak arm and very little natural feel for the position. Agreed with you Murphy is the next QB. Im not trying to bash Texas here just relaying talking points from national guys.
  9. Don’t mention wives and A&M/Jimbo in this thread. There are those among us who that sort of talk hits home a little too closely if you know what I mean.
  10. No he’s not being forced out. Sometimes the staff just tells kids “hey you’re a good kid and you’re trying hard, but we are bringing in some talented guys. There’s no hard feelings if you want to go get playing time somewhere.” It’s not kicking them out but just being honest with a kid that he will be facing uphill battles to get the kind of PT he wants. A&M has plenty of open scholarships and he’s a position of need so it’s not about pushing him out as much as it is just laying all the cards on the table. Some will look down on that but as a player I would prefer the honesty.
  11. They give out spring MVP trophies. It’s actually common at most universities. Including Alabama. https://247sports.com/college/alabama/Article/Alabama-football-players-recognized-for-achievement-in-spring-practice-following-A-Day-Game-included-transfer-running-back-Jahmyr-Gibbs-being-MVP-186321734/ Try harder. If this is the effort you put into things, I’m not surprised Jimbo was able to upset you.
  12. Back up center. He started last year because of injuries.
  13. Agreed. The staff is the biggest issue honestly. Had he cleared house and taken a fresh approach that showed he “learned from his mistakes” it might be different, but it’s clear he thinks last year was a fluke not the norm. He very well could see a huge turnaround with Weigman but who knows.
  14. I might have been if he wasn’t a lock to Ohio st once they offered. Jimbo is going to need Weigman and a young defensive line to have an absolutely incredible season if he wants to get momentum back on the recruiting trail. Put me in the camp that if he doesn’t win 10 games he’s done. Won’t be fired until the year after but his chances of righting the ship are over.
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