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  1. I think there’s a slim chance. I do expect Jimbo, like last year, though he could walk through Miss St and saved a few wrinkles for this week that will keep this one closer than the spread. How close just depends on turnovers.
  2. The issue is the post are dead except for weekends. There’s some decent football talk one day a week like I said. And you engaged him plenty earlier.
  3. If nobody engages the trolls there would only be a reason to check this board about once a week. Very little intelligent football conversation ever happens here….
  4. And let me go ahead and clarify again before you troll more, nobody is calling for Jimbo to be fired. Not realistically anyways. What we are calling for are changes. There was a point in time even the great Nick Saban was forced to change the way he did things. Jimbo has to change and adapt. Not accepting a 8-4 season means that the pressure to hire a real oc heats up. It doesn’t mean buyouts are being gathered and scrapping the program is underway. This is still a team that is playing the second youngest 2 deep in all of college football. The potential is there. It’s not a bare roster or a complete rebuild.
  5. Nobody said 10 wins was the floor. Everyone said 10 wins was what it would take to have a an acceptable season. This always was a team capable of going 7-5. What you’re confusing is what is acceptable vs what could worst case happen. If A&M goes 8-4 it’s not acceptable to Aggies. Doesn’t mean we didn’t know it was possible. And Jimbo is still elite. A coach needing to make a change does not mean he all of the sudden stops being a good coach.
  6. Just so hard to tell. When the offense is this poor, every game is in question… I would say say gun to my head that they finish 4-4 in conference play which will likely put them somewhere around 4th in the west.
  7. I remember watching this live and thinking that the snap and hold looked good so it much have just been a free release for the guy who made the block. Huge missed call.
  8. Ole miss is the clear second best west team right now.
  9. Do you understand how hard it is to beat a team by 35 points? I know you’re just trolling but dang at least be reasonable lol.
  10. They have to pressure the QB more. Their defense is good but they let teams control the game too much. They have to force the issue a little bit and get off the field this week.
  11. Yes. But to be fair it was a home game at night for A&M. I was there and it was the most eclectic that stadium has ever been. There was something in their at kickoff that you just knew it was going to be a game. A&M has really struggled on the road. 8pm kickoff doesn’t help. I just think 24 points is high for this game. Especially not knowing who the starting QB for either team is. I think that everyone is just expecting Saban to come out for blood and run it up and not call off the dogs to prove a point.
  12. You nailed it with that last sentence. And the thing is this A&M team is extremely talented on both sides of the ball. If you catch A&M at their best or getting the lucky bounces it’s not like this is a mid major roster. They have struggled offensively but I mean with a home run threat like Achane you’re talking about this game being one or two missed gap assignments for Bama defensively and you’ve got yourself a game. I have not bet on an A&M game in my entire life. But a 24 point spread has me thinking about it.
  13. Before anyone freaks out, I am not even remotely saying I think A&M wins this. I just think it’s probably closer to a 27-16 type game than a 56-6 one.
  14. Agreed. I can’t help but feel like they have saved some tricks and will have a few wrinkles. I also think the health of Young might play a factor. Not that they can’t win with Milroe it’s just that having inexperience at that position could keep it closer than expected.
  15. No arguments with that last part. I think the biggest issue it’s that it’s his third year in the system and he makes the kind of mistakes I think we would see out of Weigman. It’s like one of those situations where when you are going to get comparable production out of both why not go with the younger guy. Jimbo specifically addressed knowledge of the playbook as the reason for King being the guy. I think the hope was because basically the entire offense besides Achane and Ainias were young, you could use the more experienced player to try to mask some of the issues. That just hasn’t been the case for when Haynes plays. And honestly Weigman is nearly the same level athlete but has a much better arm and natural feel for the position. If King is going to be making freshman level mistakes and having this many turnovers (whether all his fault or not) why not go with the young guy.
  16. That’s not what is being said. It’s not surprising you can’t understand but I’ll try to dumb it down for you. Jimbos offense is a problem right now. It has not always been a problem in the past. Can Jimbo fix it to be more like the past or does he just need to move on.
  17. I think the playbook shrinks which leads reads that the entire team can execute better. We saw it with Mond in his first season as a young player. The playbook shrank and Treyveon Williams was the leading rusher in the SEC. The offense wasn’t great but it was serviceable and far better than what is out there today. I 100% that even with Jimbo calling plays things would work better and there is evidence to back that. I also think that just having a more natural QB will do wonders for this team. You can watch the games and literally see guys running downfield open. You can see Achane running for 8.5 yards per carry. The plays can work. There is just not any consistency there to string 10 of them together and finish drives. Now that doesn’t just change because you put in Weigman, but I think that this offense is certainly capable of flipping a switch if the right spark comes at QB. Another thing to point out is this offense started 2 true freshman a sophomore making his second career start at WR, had a true freshman TE., and Every single offense line starter is a sophomore. 2 of the 5 oline starters have also missed most of fall camp with injuries and are still battling them. This team is insanely young. Honestly I’ll be the first to admit I vastly overrated them entering the season. Mainly because I did not account for how young they would be and I did not see the injury bug being this big of issue for a second straight season but that appears to be the case. S&C is second on my list of problem areas.
  18. The defense is just so bland right now. Normally teams with veteran back ends can afford to be aggressive and exotic in their blitz packages. Hell Durkin has a ton of experience in that. So why do they continue to run 3 man fronts and drop 8 majority of the time? They send 4 from time to time but I haven’t seen ma y plays yet where you get a 5 or even a 6th rusher like many other teams. I think this is a product of Jimbo because the one game I watched elko and Duke they blitz far more than I remember us doing.
  19. I do think there’s a line being walked about getting to 10 wins while also preparing for the future. I believe they could ride Achane and King into the ground via RPOs and zone reads and it would get them Flirting with 10 wins. But you also are in the same exact position from a development standpoint the following year. I think Jimbo after this weekend will have a decision to make. It’s likely he’s sitting at 3-3 and entering a bye. He can play King or Johnson and hope for the best to squeak out a 9-3 season but most likely finish 8-4 or even 7-5. Or he could play Weigman and likely worst case you’re sitting at 6-6 or 7-5 and but you’ll know that either Weigman is the answer moving forward or if you need to hit the portal for a plug and play QB. You also will know more about your OC situation as well. If Weigman comes in and shows potential in the current system then you might could keep Jimbo calling plays and build. If you bring Weigman in and the offense struggles just like with the other two QBs you’ll know a change is needed at either the scheme, the position or both. Long story short. You know what you have with Johnson and King at this point. Both are 3rd year guys and there isn’t typically much improvement after that. Play Weigman and you can gather answers on many different things from scheme to personnel.
  20. A&M is the second youngest two deep in the entire country. It’s looking like every single SEC west opponent will have a new starting QB next season most likely. There is not only an opportunity for A&M to improve, but for others to decline. It’s not as far of a stretch as your making it out to be with this much talent on a roster.
  21. I’ll forever be okay with losing games because our offense is too simple and we just can’t execute because our athletes aren’t as good as the other teams. But that’s rarely going to happen anymore with this roster. Just let your dudes go be dudes. You don’t bring in 5 star receivers to have them running drags and timing routes. A solid 3 star can do that. Let your 5 star guys go be 5 star guys in go routes and taking screens to the house.
  22. To be honest he’s not entirely wrong. The plays did work when executed properly. What he’s got to understand is it shouldn’t take perfect execution every single play of every single drive to score a respectable amount of points. Just simplify the offense and take what you can get.
  23. At this point, Yes. A&M is in a position where in 2023 they have a legitimate shot at an sec title. They are the second youngest two deep in the entire country this year based on depth charts listed for each team. So what you’ve got it a situation where they are going to have some growing pains. Especially on the road. In theory they still have a chance to run the table and make the sec title this season but we know that’s unlikely. My opinion is start preparing for next season by getting the future some reps after the Bama game this week. Go ahead and give Bama your best shot even though it’s probably not going to be enough. Then you have a bye the following week followed by a very winnable South Carolina the week after. I would get through this Bama week with King then hand the reigns over to Weigman so you get two full weeks of starters reps and a manageable opponent for his first game.
  24. I didn’t mean that in a literal sense. Im saying play Weigman and it becomes apparent.
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