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  1. But what I’m saying is what if he doesn’t win it? I think everyone is assuming that one of these two are going to be elite, all I’m saying is what if that’s not the case? I remember a time when people where very high on Card and Thompson and here we are 9 months later both are out of the picture. They weren’t the same ranking by the services but they also weren’t scrubs.
  2. I don’t think he beats out Ewers who will probably play 2-3 more seasons depending on how well the team does and I don’t see Manning sticking to sit for that long.
  3. No, Haynes is not some superhero. He probably doesn’t even win the job this year. He’s always had holes in his game, he just fits what Jimbo likes to do is the only reason I liked the kid. But he too is likely not going to play much ball. It’s going to be max Johnson until Weigman is ready I think.
  4. I married into a LSU family and live in Louisiana now. I will forever enjoy beating them far more than I ever could OU. That being said, I’d gladly take a loss to lsu and have to deal with all my in laws for a win vs Texas. It is what it is.
  5. I’m so glad everyone is finally using NIL now. A&M doesn’t have many commitments and when you’re buying everyone and still not getting commitments this cycle everyone else must have upped their bids. Good for y’all.
  6. I think his commitment is bigger for perception than anything. I honestly don’t think he ever plays any meaningful time for Texas, but his commitment does draw attention to the program. That being said, Sark needs to win 9+ games this year regular season or else this might all be for not. Not in terms of Manning sticking but in terms of anyone having any hope of Sark ever doing anything at Texas. You simply cannot go 8-4 or worse with that schedule in year two. Not with the talent differential Texas has.
  7. Actually yes it would. I’ve been saying since last year before Arch had even really started taking visits and there were no true leaders that I thought he was overrated. His film is nothing but him throwing easy pitch and catch throws to a D1 receiver while the kids he’s playing are Texas 3a jv caliber. He’s got tools and no doubt I’m sure his family has been grooming him well, but there is absolutely nothing that can be said to justify his ranking as the unanimous number 1 player.
  8. Like I said in the other thread, this is what ESPN and talking heads wanted. Manning and Texas are PERFECT for one another. Media darlings that will forever be overhyped on name alone. There’s not a person that knows even the slightest thing about football that has watched Manning film and thinks this is the unanimous best player in the country. They are basing this solely on name. He’s a low 4 star without his family…
  9. Several things about this… Will he stick when Texas goes 7-5 this year? If he does stick what are the chances that the qb battle between him and Ewers turn ugly. Then there’s the fact that I think he’s the most overrated prospect in the last 20 years wherever he ends up going to school… And the icing on the cake is Texas fans will now start hyping up this class like every single kid they want is going to follow arch and that this class will likely break A&Ms record class from last year, except they didn’t have to buy every player like those dirty cheating Aggies did.
  10. Is this the same ump as yesterday? He’s giving a good 6 inches off the plate outside vs right handed hitters.
  11. Pitchers throw on 4 days rest quite often. It’s not just blatantly dangerous. It all depends on the person as well as the situation. You wouldn’t ask any to throw on four days rest routinely, but it’s very common in these situations if a kid feels he is up to it and his arm handled it well you could very well see it. There’s absolutely no difference in asking him to give you 3-4 innings starting vs asking him to give you 2-3 innings of relief in terms of arm safety.
  12. That being said if you throw Dallas tomorrow you likely don’t get him except Monday if at all for the final best of 3… Now that I’m thinking about it you might be right that he will be held and likely be your game one starter for the best of 3.
  13. You don’t save Dallas for a game you aren’t guaranteed to get. He’s going to be on 4 days rest which isn’t ideal but is not unheard of for college pitchers in these scenarios. This will be decided by how much you get out of Prager today. If you get 6 innings the offense gives you a solid lead I could see a situation where you keep Palisch off the mound today and start him tomorrow in place of Dallas. But if they use Palisch today I really think we see Dallas tomorrow. He’s a competitor that’s going to have to be shot to be kept off the field.
  14. A&M still hasn’t thrown their Sunday guy Prager who has been the most consistent of the 3 starters the last few weeks. I expect Prager today, Dallas tomorrow if they get there.
  15. Ouch. Really tough call on that outside pitch and then you get picked off. What should be bases loaded no outs went to inning over in about 45 seconds and 3 pitches. That call was a game changing blown call.
  16. I agree. At this point I don’t really care though. There will be complaints about however it all shakes out.
  17. I think that heavy wind was impacting the Texas offense as well. The strong wind keeping the ball in the park for a team that’s offense relies on the long ball as much as Texas does was a big factor in this game imo.
  18. It was slightly low. But on a 1-2 count it’s one you HAVE to swing at in order to see another one. It was either the perfect strike or a great miss for the situation and the count. I don’t know what would have happened had he saw another pitch in terms of the game itself, but that’s baseball.
  19. I think both teams will go heavy portal this off-season. A&M needs some starting pitching and is losing some good bats. With the portal I expect both teams to be very attractive landing spots for some upper end experienced guys.
  20. A&M had a lot of luck with some Texas leaguers and got some gutsy pitching performances when it mattered. Schloss made a really good call trusting Dallas to stretch it almost 2 innings farther than I thought he could. Texas had a good team this season but never seemed to find that killer instinct to either put teams away they should or come from behind in clutch moments. They are really the opposite of A&M who doesn’t do really anything particularly well except work the count but finds ways to win games when it matters.
  21. I’m just saying OU and Texas fans barely give a damn about anything else the two meet up in other than football and like I said it’s just a two week window. I’ve lived and worked with fans from both sides my whole life. The Texas fans I know will tell you everyday and twice on Sunday’s they would rather lose to OU than A&M. They post about “aggy” all day while mentioning Sooners a couple of times a year. They still get worked up about A&M when the two haven’t met on the field in a decade…. I get you tools think you’re too good to be rivals with A&M, but it’s the way it is. That doesn’t take away from the elite experience that the RRR is.
  22. Agree to disagree here. I just believe you can only have 1 rival. One game that just simply means more than any game on the schedule no matter the sport no matter the records and no matter the year. That simply is not the case with Texas/OU. They only give a damn about football and even then it’s more pageantry than rivalry half the time. I know you don’t agree and that’s fine.
  23. Let’s be honest here…. OU only sort of hates you because they aren’t real rivals. It’s the equivalent of Bama/LSU with a little more history. It’s a big game, not a rivalry. It has nothing to do with “respect.” It’s more about that for the majority of this game being played they were not conference opponents. And then once they were OU has essentially owned the big 12 regardless of what happened in the game vs Texas. The RRR is a big game. Maybe one of the purest college gameday experiences in football. It’s something special no doubt. But they aren’t rivals. The hate just isn’t there on either side. Outside of the week of and maybe the week after it’s rarely talked about by anyone including the two fanbases.
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