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  1. My initial thought was similar to yours regarding the field storming, but after seeing the players reactions I think I’m okay with it. They loved it. I also think that’s part of the field storming. The players were out in ticket pull mingling with the students and even giving out donuts and stuff. I think the field storming is just as much about the students celebrating their classmates (the players) as it is anything else.
  2. If they can keep the roster mostly together (I think they will) then there are some really bright spots heading into next year. The amount of youth that played majors roles is just unheard of, and when the playcalling is good they showed what they can do Saturday night. Lots of speculation that Jimbo wasn’t even calling plays Saturday night. I don’t know if I believe that, but there was a noticeable difference in it only the playcalling but the speed in which the plays were relayed in.
  3. Not enough. He’s elite and it would take OC money and title to get him imo. I think the new OC hire will determine what happens with the rest of the hires. I am thinking new OC and let him hire his own OL, QB, WR/TE coach. Coley and Robinson could/should be retained as they are good recruiters and coaches. Defensively I believe a move needs to be made at LB coach and I think it’s going to be hard to keep Robinson around another year.
  4. I think the field storming was stupid. But the players enjoyed themselves (I’ve seen some videos where they appeared to really appreciate the excitement) and I think that a little excitement for them after this long season is worth the money. I wish we wouldnt be a 5-7 team celebrating beating a 9-3 team though…
  5. I expect that to be the heaviest area of attrition. You can likely add Lucas to that shortly. but the bulk will stay. It will still be one of the deepest and most talented groups in the country.
  6. I do think this was a positive from a momentum standpoint in convincing a few guys to stay (moose looking at you) and it might help with a guy or two in attendance. I think Jimbos statements were more about justifying the past season more so than advocating for the next one. I could be wrong but I think he understands that changes need to happen.
  7. Yea I’m rooting for LSU next week. I really wanna see the committee sweat over Georgia/Ohio st at 4.
  8. Yea they have played a lot of close games…. This could have very realistically been a 9-3 or 10-2 season with just one or two plays going different. This team isn’t as bad as the record.
  9. Exactly. He’s gonna win this on the back of some good freshman, and sell them combined with a splash hire OC to save his job and sell the future.
  10. Watching Michigan gives me the slightest bit of hope (I have very little) that Jimbo can right the ship. Harbaugh had a Jimbo type season where he was left for dead and all but fired. Two years later he makes the playoffs and looks like it could be back to back years if they can hold on. Hell the way they have played today I think they could possibly win the whole thing. It can be done. Not saying Jimbo can but it’s not impossible.
  11. I think Matt Rhule is the best hire imaginable for Nebraska.
  12. You can say Evan Stewart. People have been hearing rumors about that transfer since the day he signed at A&M.
  13. Are you saying you think all 3 current QBs transfer out?
  14. Honestly, it all depends on what Jimbo is willing to do. If he’s gonna take a step back and just recruit and be a CEO then I want little Riley. If he’s gonna still want his hand on everything then I think go with a guy like Grimes at Baylor or maybe Longo at UNC. They run pro style offenses with running games just know how to use tempo and innovative ideas. What’s more important to me believe it or not is for Jimbo to take his hands off the defense.
  15. I think once they missed their first few big targets late summer early fall and then looked inept on offense for a few weeks, it was clear the offensive staff was likely out the door. I’d be shocked if anyone but Coley remains. It’s hard to recruit hard knowing you’re gone and I think A&M knows that. I expect them to hire a splash hire at OC and hit the portal hard and hope for the best.
  16. Because there’s no reason to appease the mouth-breathers like yourself who would rather look like an idiot on a message board than show a little common sense.
  17. It certainly doesn’t help lsu that nothing short of a 14+ win over A&M this weekend would be looked at negatively simply with how bad A&M is.
  18. I have no idea for sure how A&M does it, but I do think it’s mostly about tickets sold. Which is why not attending games isn’t the answer for a fanbase trying to “show the decision makers they are unhappy.” The season ticket holders are the ones that matter. You stop buying those and that’s when changes are seriously considered. A&M has a wait list for season tickets most years so most people don’t give theirs up very often since you upgrade seats through tenure not due to price.
  19. I think it’s a combination of bad season, sending a message to the AD about staff changes and the weather. It was around 40 and drizzling most of the game. I think this is the lowest morale has been in 40 years and attendance reflects that. I do think you’ll likely see a little life for the lsu game from the fans but most are just ready to quit this season and move on to the off-season. Honestly I’m only watching now because I do not have the strength to walk away. It’s a literal addiction at this point. I’m sure other fans can relate.
  20. I think they are in if they beat Georgia.
  21. Probably just went by tickets sold. There was 25k at the game at best.
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