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  1. 13+ @ Bama is bold. Not saying I think Texas can’t win it but have we seen Bama get beat like that at home in 10 years? Even LSU and Burrow couldn’t accomplish that.
  2. They won’t be matched because they are good. Same with Georgia. Same with USC. You don’t see any challenges because they are that much more talented than their schedule. You can look at the exact same schedule for a team you have in your fringe top 25 team and find 3-5 potential losses. It’s because they aren’t that good.
  3. What will be funny is the people that come on here for week 2 of the season and say “did you see how dominant team X looked against (insert school of the blind) and then in the same breath discredit team Y for dominating the other school for the blind because “they didn’t play anybody.””
  4. I also laugh at some people taking roster talent into account as why teams should or shouldn’t be ranked, then give absolutely no chance to what is EASILY a top 10 roster in college football. I didn’t put them in mine either for the simple fact of I believe last seasons result should mean something in a meaningless preseason poll, but if you’re going to claim some teams have roster talent in some spots and then point to last seasons results in others you are showing a ton of bias in your ballots.
  5. Similar in my ballot as well. Plus when you have a QB and offense as good as they have, you are in every game. I know their defense isn’t great and that will affect you long term, but there isn’t a team in the country they can’t play with on a game to game basis with that offensive potential. They are a top 10 team just as much as anyone else. Now I can understand if they are not in everyone’s top 5, but they are easily a top 10 team. The bottom half of the top 10 has just as many holes in their roster or more.
  6. Lots of bias from some fans in this poll lol
  7. The spring game featured a lot of 12 personnel. (2 TEs.) I expect the position to be used effectively from weak to weak to exploit weaknesses.
  8. I’ve gotten PMs from 3 of your “piers” as Texas fans on this site talking about what a joke you are and a disgrace to the Texas fan base. “We” might not care what I think, but they don’t care about you either.
  9. Who’s the crybaby that brought up A&M in this…? It wasn’t me. I was discussing Texas recruiting without a single word of A&M until you brought A&M into it.
  10. That ON3 stuff are not real nil numbers. It’s “nil potential” which is some weird formula used by ON3 based on social media following and some other factors. It should not be used as factual data.
  11. No I’m not a poster on any site but this one.
  12. Absolutely false. Get on the 24/7 board right now and you’ll see the mods predicting a 8 win season pointing out all the flaws in the team (tarp) and then you’ll see Perroni not even put in a crystal ball on a kid until he’s all but told its a silent commit. It is NOTHING like roach and the Texas site that every kid gets a Texas crystal ball once offered and then is changed if they get wind the kid isn’t leaning Texas.
  13. Texags is the bottom of the barrel for A&M sites. It’s equivalent to orangebloods with Ketch. Im referencing more to 24/7 where the sites are all employed by CBS. Tarp and Perroni are extremely cynical towards A&M and often are behind even opposing team mods in projecting recruits to A&M. Texas mods (Roach) will literally crystal ball (means predict if you’re not familiar) nearly every single kid Texas even offers as a Texas lean and then changes it before the kids actually commit to opposing schools if they feel differently. Texas mods on nearly every site are EXTREMELY bad about just telling fans what they want to hear to keep subs up. I’ll agree with you Texags is the same way, but that’s the exception to A&M recruiting sites not the norm. The other sites tend to be more pessimistic than optimistic. You can poll OU fans, LSU fans, Bama fans etc and they will all tell you the same thing regarding Texas sites and their mods. It leads to overconfidence regarding Texas recruiting and explains why they are so willing to accept that NIL is the sole reason kids choose schools other than Texas. Because their mods provide them with information that is not accurate in order to keep subs high.
  14. Exactly. Texas fans just can’t handle the thought of a kid not playing at Texas. If he goes somewhere else it’s because he was paid. If he goes to Texas after they broadcast deals for oline on the spot he chose them for their academics not the money. It all stems from their recruiting boards. They are the softest and most entitled fanbase in the country. Their mods know this and therefore only write fluff pieces. 95% of their early offers to juniors their mods crystal ball them to Texas and tell them “Texas has a very strong lead here, he grew up a longhorn fan etc.” Most of the time it’s not true the kid is truly open to anyone. So when the kid does indeed go somewhere else or the team is mediocre-bad like they have been majority of the decade, the fans automatically point to they were paid to go somewhere else there’s not way a kid doesn’t choose Texas when they were his early favorite etc. So essentially the mods lying to them for appeasement and clicks has inflated their soft bias.
  15. Come sign with Texas as an oline player and get 50k on the spot…=Not buying players. Internet rumor of buying players without a single shred of evidence EVER provided by you or any of the other lying pos individuals on the internet. = buying players. You’re either the best troll on the internet or the stupidest human being alive. I’m pretty sure I know which one it is….
  16. Says the low IQ individual who actually believes Sark and the university that literally broadcasted a 50k on the spot deal “pay for play” for oline players with the same coach.
  17. Exactly. Texas boasted about their OL deal at the time, then their fans blasted NIL when A&M signed their class, now they pick and choose when NIL is something they are “good” at or not. Sark is a liar if he says they don’t recruit kids who are interested in NIL, and Baron and anyone like him that believes it is an idiot.
  18. That is the way it was for a while. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and A&M were enough that if they all voted together to prevent expansion into another in state school they had the votes to do so. Adding Texas and OU was just too attractive from a money standpoint and everyone knows Florida st, Miami, and Clemson are coming at some point in the future anyway so they might as well just let it happen. Money isn’t necessarily just made by bringing in new tv regions but also by adding “star power” to the conference. Even if the tv market share remains the same the sec bargaining power for bigger tv deals is better with more elite names in the conference.
  19. I agree I think all 3 offer enough none of the 3 are a bad choice and non of the 3 are the type where you have to go there because it’s head and shoulders above the rest. All three will be in the same conference and offer very similar nfl opportunities as well as title opportunities. I don’t think it’s a highest bidder situation either though because they are all going to offer a good situation for NIL. I think it boils down to where he feels he fits the best. Thats how I feel for most kids. It’s not they are bought by certain schools more than others, they just “fit” or “feel” better there at the time. None of these elite schools are letting themselves get “outbid” to the point they can’t compete.
  20. Major click bait trolling on this one lol.
  21. That’s fair. I do believe that there are times when every collective is going to throw money at positions of need depending on the cycle. Since you are one of the only ones on this site capable of discussing Texas without bringing up A&M I do have a question for you. How big of factor do you think NIL is for these kids on average? Like for instance let’s say Texas and another school are both prioritizing the same position/player, should we assume which ever school the player commits to is because nil swayed them?
  22. look I didn’t address you originally. You felt the need to chime in Aggie related material because for some reason every Texas fan thinks if a kid doesn’t commit to you it’s because they were bought by someone else. There can be no other explanation. You know that’s where you comment was leaning and you knew what you were doing. Don’t tell me to lighten up when we could have had a perfectly logical conversation about Texas/NIL without having involving A&M.
  23. I didn’t claim it. Shannon Terry said it. And yes they are one of the most aggressive even with your lost. Top 4 isn’t aggressive?
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