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  1. I have no idea for sure how A&M does it, but I do think it’s mostly about tickets sold. Which is why not attending games isn’t the answer for a fanbase trying to “show the decision makers they are unhappy.” The season ticket holders are the ones that matter. You stop buying those and that’s when changes are seriously considered. A&M has a wait list for season tickets most years so most people don’t give theirs up very often since you upgrade seats through tenure not due to price.
  2. I think it’s a combination of bad season, sending a message to the AD about staff changes and the weather. It was around 40 and drizzling most of the game. I think this is the lowest morale has been in 40 years and attendance reflects that. I do think you’ll likely see a little life for the lsu game from the fans but most are just ready to quit this season and move on to the off-season. Honestly I’m only watching now because I do not have the strength to walk away. It’s a literal addiction at this point. I’m sure other fans can relate.
  3. I think they are in if they beat Georgia.
  4. Probably just went by tickets sold. There was 25k at the game at best.
  5. Am I the only one rooting for USC to win out simply so I can watch the meltdown from Kirt when they are in the playoff? Lol
  6. This staff has mailed it in. They certainly aren’t trying to get better this year. I think you’re seeing a staff that knows wholesale changes are coming. At worst the entire offensive staff is gone and possibly Durkin and Santucci as well. And that’s not even counting something wild like Fisher wanting to leave on his own to take the WVU job. I think the talent is there for a very quick turnaround with the right coaches I think. Hopefully a splash OC hire and Jimbo getting his hands off the defense leads to changes.
  7. TCU Kansas State Texas @ Cal Texas Tech Oklahoma UCLA Wake Forest Oregon Ole Miss tiebreaker 63 points.
  8. Expanded playoff is fine. But everyone needs to stop pretending that every other G5 team is some Cinderella story waiting to happen.
  9. Cincy just lost to a middle of the road Arkansas earlier this year. That first line of your sentence is just not true.
  10. G5 teams play roughly 2 p5 games per team. So let’s just spitball and say that between the 5 G5 leagues they play roughly 120 games per year against the power 5. They win about 5–10 a year. Less than 10% of the time over all of p5 games. And of those 5-10 wins 90% of those come against the bottom feeder p5 anyway…. The truth is among ALL the G5 teams, there are only 3-5 wins per season worth even talking about. That does not warrant playoff auto bids. It just doesn’t…. You can choose to focus on the handful of games out of 100+ per year, but it doesn’t change the real truth of the matter.
  11. Oh that’s for sure. Weigman is good. You can see the poise, arm strength and YES MOBILITY in him already. The playcalling is absolutely ridiculous. Everything is a deep dig or a comeback that teams have just figured out. I think you’ll see a more RPO centered offense with tempo next year with whoever the OC hire is and it will take advantage of Weigman.
  12. I am not gonna lie I was distracted over the weekend and made my picks in hurry. Pretty sure I missed Oregon and ucla losing lol
  13. That last bit is true of all programs. I agree that I think when you’re on first name basis to guys that give you millions a year to get the kids you want “nil or facility upgrades or whatever” then I think it’s hard sometimes to not have them in your ear. I think about scenes like Friday night lights where on Friday morning a group of guys came in and wanted to give them their ideas and he just had to sit there and smile. I don’t think it’s quite like that, but I do think here and there you’ll have some “suggestions” of things. I mean you’re talking about a group of men who are owners/ceos and worth tens if not hundred of millions. They are not the type of men who hear no very often. I imagine they play a big role in how lots of teams operate.
  14. If it’s a for sure thing Card wins those games I agree, but I’m not sure that’s the case. I think it’s just as likely card struggles as well and now all you’ve done is take come valuable learning reps from the guy that’s going to get you where you want to be. Card is not that guy. He might can bandaid something for a little bit but he’s not the guy you’re building a program around. Side note, all jokes aside this is a serious question to you because you’re probably one of only two on this site that can take it and not think it’s a troll job…. That preseason rumor that Sark wanted Card but was told Ewers. Now that we have seen Ewers struggles in some of these games, is there any part of you that thinks maybe there was more truth to those rumors than originally thought? Is that possibly a factor why Sark wouldn’t pull Ewers in those games like you want him to? The decision is Ewers regardless what happens? I’m not saying this is true I’m just asking a question. Could outside factors be contributing to the QB rotation?
  15. Oh make no mistake about it… I expected this from Ewers. I knew you guys were too high on him from day 1. But when I say he’s not the problem I mean there are other areas Texas can improve as well. It’s not like this team is just a QB away from a national title. They have issues in other areas as well. Ewers is not the only problem is a way I guess it could be worded better.
  16. Are you blind or just not capable of comprehending what you see? Weigman is far better at avoiding pressure and scrambling. Just because King is faster does not mean he’s got better pocket awareness or scrambling ability. I’d argue king is the worst natural scrambler on the roster…. Weigman gets the ball out quicker and steps up into the pocket far better than King.
  17. Could Texas has faired better with Card vs OSU and TCU? Maybe. But do they get closer to the ultimate goal of competing for a title with Card playing those games? Texas is where A&M should have been from the first loss… Play the future. Card is not the answer for a title now or ever and I think that’s clear. Ewers might be the answer in the future just isn’t right now. And you don’t get to the future title contender version of Ewers without letting him take his lumps this year. Ewers is the best qb on the Texas roster this year and until he leaves. Manning is not better than him. Texas needs to take these lumps this year and be ready for a title run next year before they enter the meat grinder.
  18. Connor is 6’2 215. That’s not frail for a 18 year old true freshman. I know you have a very low football iq, but that’s solid size for a freshman. By comparison King is a third year guy listed at 6’3 200. Weigman is MUCH more put together than King. And idk where you get any sort of mobility issues from Weigman. He moved just fine last night and every game before. His throw on the run is probably his best attribute in HS, which is only effective when you are mobile enough.
  19. Ewers is not the biggest problem. He’s might not be the solution Texas fans originally thought he was, but he’s not the problem. The issue last night was you’ve got a young offense that hasn’t fully learned how to play together and win. Those clutch drives you see in these big game matchups are not won by just a good QB. The entire offense has to be able to produce. Block well, throw well, catch well, run well etc… Texas isn’t there yet. They aren’t a top 10 caliber team yet. That doesn’t meant they aren’t improving or n the right track, they just aren’t there today. There are still some issues that may or may not get worked out, but anyone writing off Ewers and already looking ahead to Manning doesn’t understand what they are watching.
  20. Says the guy who had a bulge in in drawers when discussing Ewers a few weeks ago. It is impossible to take anything from Weigmans performance yesterday or this season for that matter. He has very good arm strength and mobility and shows quick read capability with a fast release. You think he’s bad because you don’t understand QB play. Your opinion is about as valuable as the sorority girl playing with Snapchat filters all game:
  21. There hasn’t been anything mentioned in a while regarding baseball and Weigman. I think he does play both in the spring.
  22. There is no which team… this team is poor offensively every single week. Defensively they don’t stop the run. That’s been true in every game since week 1. Im actually hoping we lose to Umass. It won’t make this season any more or less embarrassing and it will probably force an even more massive shift in the program in the off-season than what is already coming: it’s not enough to just make Jimbo hire an OC. I want it to get so ugly that he is willing to take a negotiated settlement and leaves to coach WVU. I’m done with him because I don’t trust him to make the right hires. Not a single coach he’s hired since his initial hires has done well enough to warrant keeping expect Elijah Robinson who really is just a recruiter. It a coach.
  23. 6 weeks ago he was one of the greatest arms talents in college football. Let it play out. He’s pressed the last 2-3 weeks for sure but he’s still young. He’s likely not as good as that 1st quarter vs Bama made everyone believe but he’s not as bad as he looked tonight either. It’s an in between.
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