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  1. So true...Many teams can have a good season one year and go 4-6 or 3-7 the next. I know they arent losing many players but lots of teams return several starters and still have bad seasons.
  2. you are very right about this...Bragging and seeking attention is what gets you sent home first round. Just ask Gilmer...Tatum showed times last year where they are very beatable. I wouldnt just hand them the state title just yet
  3. Wish they could afford to go six man...they have solid athletes with speed and jumping ability. Would be a great fit for them.
  4. Sorry ive been missing out fellas...my computer has been down for ever and work seems to get too busy for me to do anything these days. Bak in action now...:clap: Well my predictions are a little different from last year... 1. Tatum...Alot coming back and should be in the 3a level dominating teams And to be completly honest i dont have a clue who 2-5 will be. Troup lost alot but always manages to field a decrmt team. Arp shows to have good athletes coming back and will score points on you. EF brings alot back and after last year believe they will be strong again. Then there is Timpson and Waskom who i believe could get sneak up and win a few more games than expected and make the playoffs. I think the district will be more competitive this year than the last and i see a few upsets along the way. Garrison and West Rusk will improove and might be in the mix for the 4 and 5 spot but i dont see the playoffs in their future next season.
  5. smokie gets me with these treads every time...He really is kinda nervous that little old A&M might actually one day be able to hang with his beloved horns in every sport... By the way i think the ags will sweep texas on the football field and in the gym next year. its about time for a change if you ask me...:clap:
  6. i think it wouldnt be a bad idea...I hate seeing teams that are a few kids from dropping a class up against teams that are few kids from the next class. I know in certain instances that there are hundreds of kids difference. I know in 2a that the limit is around 220- 420..."not sure on the exact numbers. But i know for a school with 220-230 it can be tough to compete with a school nearly twice your size. Not making excusses or anything. But i think there is definatly a better way somewhere out there.
  7. with mccoy...you could see a national championship Im not too sure about that one...they have talent and always have good recruiting but i just dont believe they have a national title caliber team next year. Lots of losses on the oline and defense. IMO they are going to have a season filled with ups and downs...It could go either way if you ask me. Anywhere from 7-5 to 11-1. Just depends on how the teams they play are going. OU is always a tough game and with A&M and OSU you never know which team will show up. Those are the two games texas needs to look for imo...both on the road.
  8. well if you want him to stay so much smokie why do you get on every tread about A&M recruits and say that they probably are just playing games like bg did...I agree with aggie. I think that there is no reason for recruits to have to play the game of politics. If anything it would hurt them because teams that might have been looking at them will sign other players in thought that the player they wanted wasnt going to leave. I think most of the recruits will stay. Put it to you this way. I think if the recruits decide to finish school "most wont" but if thats what they did i think they will be in college station longer than BG will be in lexington...Its 3 years and out for him i think.
  9. The difference is they are not in 3a having to deal with teams like carthage and LE
  10. nice joke...dont see why its relevant to the situation but whatever makes you feel better
  11. Im really not trying to bash on ef or tatum or anyone in this district. I guess you misunderstood. I was just trying to point out that 300 pounds isnt unheard of. yes its good but lots of kids can do it these days. Sorry if you took it the wrong way. And the comments about the field are well deserved. That is the most pathetic excuse for a new stadium i have ever seen and the entire town is ranting about it trying to get it redone. But as you know the school must be finished first because education is what everyone looks at. According to the powers that be the stadium will be rebuilt before the season "time permitting." this had nothing to do with the school. The contracter was HORRIBLE! Believe me im embarrassed with this along with the whole town.
  12. Your probably right...There really are letting him here it on there though. Even the little kids that do not even attend college there
  13. LOL Your right what was I thinking, I guess I better start brushing up on the trash talkin. August will be here in no time. Oh I almost forgot .......man I love those Tigers GRRRRRRR. Best of luck the rest of the way in Baseball.:thumbsup: Thats cute... Couldnt resist. Just kiddin with you guys. Im glad to see teams in the district finaly get to a point where they arent killing each other on here. But august will be here shortly and then there are no friends...:tongue: thats what makes this so great isnt it...
  14. Hogwash You R right. The Eagles will be tough to beat with Beall, & Pollard returning to their leadership roll in 07. EF will also give chase to the district championship look for Justin Alkire who benched over 300lbs a couple of weeks ago and is sure to get stronger, Johnson, Kreigal, Benefield, Smith, Linley and Curry too all be major players for the Jackets. Arp should be right up there also. August can't get here soon enough 300 isnt that impressive kid...There is a freshman in Waskom that can do that. hes only 15. Many people around the area consider that a reasonable bench these days...with good workout programs and kids just getting stronger everyday 300 isnt what it used to be.
  15. i think those teams already mentioned are most of the time at top. There were teams last year that dissapointed me. Marshall and carthage being some of the bigger ones on the list. They were also teams that came as a big surprise. EF and LE being at the top of that list...I think the real question is if those teams can make it back to last years expectations and will those dissappointing teams step it up.
  16. and for good times sake ill jump on the "new topic" as well. I do believe that the aggies are fixing to become a power in the big 12. Their recruiting is bringing in good players. And dont let recruiting class ranking fool you. They may be down on the list but remember they didnt have many positions to fill and lost only enough seniors to count on your hands. This team can be nothing but better than last years in my opinion. And its starts in the non conference when they march down to miami and knock them off in their own back yard. And im gonna stretch this a little bit. If mike Goodson gets more touches he could be the big offensive poy. Lots of talent coming back in Aggieland:thumbsup:
  17. As for the whole coaching situation i am very upset with the way bg handled things. If he wants to go to kentucky thats fine but the way he approached the situation was selfish and somewhat childish if it comes right down to it. I agree with several of you...i think if A&M keeps their recruits they will have a better shot at the title than kentucky...just my opinion
  18. Probably one of the most intellegent post ive seen in a while. thanks :thumbsup:
  19. i think texas has a great team but i do not however think they are better. Last night obviously yes they were but on a consistant basis i think a&m brings a little more to the table. just my opinion... Both teams are very strong though. should be great to see them both do well the rest of the season
  20. ...jealous of what?... a&m gets to sweet 16 for the first time in 30+ years...ut has been there 4 of the last 6....ut has actually been to an elite 8 and final 4...when has a&m?...barnes has made the tourney all 9 years at ut...bg has not made it all 3 years...barnes has led his team to 2 regular season league titles...bg has 0...barnes over .500 all 9 years...bg not...ut has a poy...a&m never...ut is in the position to be envied...:zorro: it never seems to amaze me... a tread about A&M and your on here running your jaws. I got news for you stud, texas is NOT envied in college basketball. UNC Duke Kansas Kentucky...these are "envied" programs. neither texas nor A&M even sniffs them. So before you go off thinking that texas is the best thing to happen to college sports go check conference and national championships with Oklahoma in football and Kansas in basketball. Texas isnt even the top in those sports in their own conference. And you want to talk about being envied...get a clue. Not trying to down texas to all you other texas fans out there. Just trying to set this rookie straight.:whome:
  21. i think/hope he will stay in college station next year. He would be a fool to leave in my opinion...
  22. sorry about that...he won state. i read it wrong. So that makes him and his sister state champs. three state championships in two years for the same family isnt bad. Nice work and proud of those two. :thumbsup:
  23. Course you would but i think if you knew jack about basketball you would quit making idiotic comments just because you are a tu supporter...Not many people get on her and truely down the horns like you do the ags. get over yourself and just learn to love the sport...
  24. yea curry early commitment was suprising. Im not sure he would get many more offers though...I dont think he puts up enough numbers. Watched him in a game this season where he went 1-10 and only 17 yards passing. Gonna need to get better numbers to get any real big offers. Tatum is going to be stacked again and ive been hearing some good things about this beall kid. Should fill the shoes of creer better than anyone could. Ef troup and arp all have players returning and should be solid. Waskom and timpson have lost a few players but both might field decent teams next year. Waskom brings back 9 defensive players that started the second half of the season and around 7 or 8 on offense i believe. West Rusk has a new coach so who knows whats brewing there. Should be a tough district once again though:clap:
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