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  1. The left shoulder is hitting neck/head of the QB… Like I said it’s a close call that is called 90% of the time. I just want the rule to go away if you’re going to let that slide but call it on other plays. I would feel the same way about this call regardless of what teams are playing.
  2. If you don’t start Weigman vs South Carolina, let him transfer. You’re in a point in the season where you are already out of contention, King is clearly beat up and you’ve given all the reps Weigman all week. Weigman likely took all the first and second team reps getting ready because king and Johnson were out. If Weigman isn’t good enough to play in this situation over a hurt King, he will likely never beat out King and should just plan on going MLB because if he can’t beat King he’s not going elsewhere and winning a job. If Weigman doesn’t start it’s because Jimbo doesn’t trust him and Weigman will know it. Period. Jimbo will lose this fanbase completely if Weigman doesn’t get time next Saturday.
  3. Also look at that picture again. His head is clearly getting compressed into his pads… the hit absolutely involved the QBs head. Not saying it was helmet to helmet, but the defenders left shoulder absolutely hit the QBs head and neck.
  4. It’s the neck not the head. You cannot drive your shoulder/head into the head/neck area. The QB laid on the ground grabbing his head after the play was over. It wasn’t a helmet to helmet hit or the Texas player leading with his crown, but it was a hit thrown at the head neck area. We have seen far weaker calls is my point. If that’s not leading into the head/neck area of a player than what is? Honest question. There’s no consistency. If you’re going to let it go sometimes let it go all the time is my point.
  5. King has been out of practice all week hurt. Rumor is broken rib and turf toe from Bama game. So Weigman got first team reps all week. If he did enough to give fisher confidence he may get the start this week. But I think King honestly. Fisher loves him.
  6. No I don’t agree with targeting not being called on the play. I’d feel the same way if Texas was the team that lost this way. We can’t have these calls being so impactful one way or another. If that’s a clean hit, then let’s start letting every team hit that way.
  7. No I wouldn’t. I’ve seen Aggies ejected and the penalty given for FAR less…. The rule is head/neck. You cannot launch at the head/neck. If that wasn’t hitting the head/neck area how can we ever call it again? It’s not just helmet to helmet or just the crown of the helmet. That was an obvious launch and the head/neck. And no it has nothing to with if an Aggie does or doesn’t do this. I 100% think that’s a penalty or nothing is ever a penalty.
  8. I’m just so sick of the inconsistency. It’s literally refs and booths deciding games.
  9. Decker didn’t put his head down and go low…. He was being tackled from behind and the Texas guy launched at a halfway down player. I think it’s a stupid rule. But that was absolutely launching at the head/neck.
  10. Texas fans be honest…. You know if that was reversed and Quinn was hit in the head that way and fumbled you feel differently. Look I’m completely cool with taking targeting out of the game. I think it was a good football play. But by definition that was absolutely targeting. We can’t just pick and choose when we are going to call it. That was a clear launch to the neck head area that wasn’t called. Yet we will call it on plays where a rb lowers his heads and just butts heads with a defensive player. The rule needs more consistency.
  11. It was a clear launch at the head neck area. The point is it’s called every single week. They ALWAYS call the flag and then review the hit and reverse it if it’s not really targeting. But I don’t understand how you don’t call it that close: I mean it was clear it was a hit to the neck/head area by a launching defender. I just want to know what the rule is if that’s not targeting…
  12. There is no way a fan can spin that this was not the booth giving Texas a win. We call and then review targeting on every single play that’s even close. How that one wasn’t reviewed is absolutely insane.
  13. Texas was just gifted a win. Period.
  14. Both teams have dropped passes that could have swung the game one way or another. Hutchinson has bailed them out so many plays and might have lost the game on that one.
  15. Which was always a stupid prediction from the media. Miss st is one of the most veteran rosters in college football and they have remained healthy. That health and experience factor is the most underrated aspect of college football imo. It doesn’t matter how good your recruiting is if the players are always dinged up and missing time and they are playing against veteran guys with the experience to make up for not being the highest rated guy coming out of HS.
  16. I tend to agree with this. Not because I think King is better, I just think he was better suited for this game. In a situation where the oline was just completely dominated most of the game I don’t think Max gets the ball out enough. I think he takes more sacks and less chances and A&M loses by likely 7-10 more points.
  17. Baylor Michigan Kansas Texas Tennessee Oklahoma State NC State Arkansas Florida USC *Tiebreaker: OU total points 14
  18. No. You don’t get to jump in the top 10 for a close loss at home. That’s ridiculous. You would not have that stance with ANY other team except Texas. You’re also not taking into account the Tech loss into account… none of the other top 10 teams have losses. And you want to include a team with two losses simply because one of them was “a close loss” and they beat a 3-3 team using a wildcat Qb scheme. Do you not see how ridiculous you sound? There’s not a Texas fan alive that agrees with you that Texas is deserving of being a top 10 team. Not today at least. They have plenty of chances coming up to get there, and if they go 4-0 in their next 4 I’ll have them there. But you’re showing literal signs of mental instability if you think 1 quarter of football vs Bama in a loss and the OU game justifies putting them there today.
  19. When OU was 3-0 maybe. Not when they just got taken to the woodshed by two other teams… Texas looked impressive and I’ll admit that. It doesn’t make them a top ten team yet. Why is that such a hard concept to grasp?
  20. A&M had 9 starters out. Hardly the best they have. But sure man whatever you want to believe. Texas beat Alabama. They are 6-0. Keep dreaming fool.
  21. Lots of “if’s” and “i believes” in that statement. If we are gonna play that game A&M was missing players too. Im gonna go ahead and call that a win for us as well. Hell on the road in prime time too. Dang that’s awesome! The point is Texas lost. Period. When Ewers went out they were not up by 20 or something like that. It was still a game. Would they have won? Maybe. Would Bama make adjustments like they have done a million times under Saban? Maybe. But this bs about Texas fans thinking it is a lock Texas wins that game with Ewers has got to stop. You can’t walk around acting like a 4-2 team is actually 6-0 but that one thing happened that one time. Stop living in a fairy tale. A loss is a loss and a win is a win. And I’m not even trying to bash Texas in this thread. I’m trying to bash this mindset you guys have of praising Texas for its wins when none of them are any better than the usc wins. The only difference between usc and Texas right now is that USC hasn’t lost and beaten 6 mediocre-bad teams while Texas is 4-2 and beaten 4 mediocre to bad teams, lost to another and lost to a good team. There’s nothing Texas has done that usc hasn’t. If you can see this the world troll needs to never leave your mouth again. Because you haven’t put an intelligent thought together on this board in years you old fool.
  22. I think that’s who I’m going with in my picks this week as well.
  23. Have they proven it? How? By beating a bad OU team that everyone else is also killing lately and beating a wvu team that is 3-3? That’s all they have done under Ewers. You want to poke fun at USC schedule but then praise Texas for doing exactly what USC has done. Blow out weaker opponents. One team should be hyped for it the other just hasn’t played anyone. You’re attitude is exactly why Texas hasn’t made it back and why the rest of the country makes fun of Texas. It’s because you played well for 2 consecutive weeks against 3-3 teams and now all of the sudden you’re sitting at 4-2 and would blow out top ten teams left and right. If Texas continues this same surge through the next 4 weeks they will get all the hype they deserve. But for now they are really no better than usc other than losing the close game they should have won and keeping the game they should have lost close but still losing. This really isn’t a about Texas or usc to me, it’s about you having complete double standards for how you evaluate teams.
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