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  1. At least it's good to hear everyone else talking about the coaches instead of us dfield folks. Nothing will change though sadly
  2. Great game tidehaven. I'm definitely cheering for you guys next week. Y'all earned it. I'm upset. But what a great game. Good job tidehaven.
  3. They are playing a really good game of keep away. As they should. We need to get them off the field faster and we should be fine .
  4. I hope a lot of people show up for us. I know a ton of people going to be streaming it. All Canadian and Gunter fans. Tidehaven looks like they travel deep and they don't have but a two hour drive compared to our 3 1/2.
  5. Pretty sure no one in their right mind would accuse Canadian of move ins,and recruiting. Y'all get it out the mud just like Daingerfield. We both produce ours. Now Gunter.......
  6. Keep picking against Daingerfield. It's been working. Your compadre seemed to have learned not too after last week. Love y'all's show.
  7. And I see that you broke it down that way with the good teams we played. But still the good teams we played against. Would destroy the "good" teams tidehaven has played.
  8. We gotta get this win first. But I definitely want a Gunter/dfield matchup. But the one thing numbers don't account for is the level of competition we've played in the playoffs compared to tidehaven.we have had a much tougher route and dominated.
  9. They pass a lot. Especially on play action. That's what makes that offense click. Good running and then play action. We should be able to stop it no problem but that's their bread and butter
  10. Hope your right and we should definitely win. But that RB d1 for a reason. Round 5 is round 5. Not sleeping on no one. I just hope they sleeping on us.
  11. Everything but region 3. But that's very understandable. 3 is always hard. Because it's the best lol and the most overall talented teams. Jmo
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