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  1. People ain’t blind they can see the incoming “move in’s” yearly. Dfw football groups on fb have all the powerhouses roasting each other for transfers
  2. Really a high school portal going on
  3. Hence hit harder, as North Shore just got hit with recruiting what happened as an admin mistake turned to a coach ignoring it but the whole program punished harshly compared to NS
  4. Game 1 Peaster 6 Bridgeport 2 Game 2 Peaster 6 Covenant Christian 6
  5. Van 10 Peaster 0 Tomorrow brings Bridgeport and Covenant Christian(Colleyville)
  6. Like I said that’s your opinion lol wouldn’t be surprised if this would be his last
  7. No one likes daddy an buddy ball, we want the best lineup. You want daddy ball go coach summers
  8. Matter of your opinion on that, number of parents an others have been ready to move on
  9. From last weekends tourney dropped Lampasas 8 Peaster 1 Clyde 2 Peaster 0 first game from ACS tourney Bowie 9 Peaster 8
  10. I wouldn’t say these boys succeed because of him, we’ve dropped 3 so far due to him an his choices
  11. Rico Knows has made some TikTok’s on this situation, he finally reached out to the mother. Your friend shared this video with you. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZPR3qgBCp/
  12. Yea same here, I think we have great staff now minus the new super
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