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  1. After tomorrow’s election results, we might be talking about more than just getting a new football coach. Won’t that be embarrassing?!
  2. As of tonight, there are have been 290 voters. I just hope I have at least 12, after May 4th! The last school board election, 2019, there were 210 voters. They tried to make me move my signs accross the street and took it down when i said no. I’m not an idiot, I know the election rules. The Secretary of State confirmed that I was right. The first image is how i found my sign when i went to check. The second image is additional signs after SOS confirmed. when will the cheating stop Jason?
  3. Ill be nice, if elected, you will see me at all the home football games. we aren’t all rich, some of us have to work, take parents to doctor appointments, help with other family members. but i am willing to take time out of my busy schedule to have a actual debate about Alto ISD face to face. I just need an agreement, with place and time, so we can have a live debate for the general public.
  4. Hello , thanks for your boldness! It’s not easy I am sure . Many people are behind you . I know several who for many reasons can not go public for employment reasons , but are Give em heck ! The song below shares my sentiments. https://youtu.be/V9AbeALNVkk?si=E53z_E2QnhmSjSzn
  5. Ill agree to this if we can put it on facebook for everyone to see! Lets have a debate type discussion! Do you agree?
  6. Good to see I have support on Smoaky! When elected, we will no longer have this system of going along to get along. Members of the school board, administration, and athletic department will be held accountable. No longer will head football coaches be fired for not agreeing with the administration. No longer will the administration cheat on enrollment. No longer will a coach have a improper relationship with a student, nor students pick fights with other schools and the head coach not be held accountable. No longer will all this happen and the school board approve a raise for the superintendent. It’s time for new leadership with morals. We will support our teachers and community. It will no longer be run by a few. Lets make education the top priority and sports something we can all enjoy! First we need a new Head Coach that isn’t afraid to play great teams in order to make it to State. Weak teams gets you beat in the first round. If anyone wants to dispute these claims, let me know and I will post news articles Jason Duplichain inspired me to run, still waiting for the state to cover the cost of the $748,000 voter approved tax rate election.
  7. It’s certainly more issues than one bad football season I have with that school. Many of my friends have been wronged by your district in the past as coaches and I really don’t appreciate it .How can you be gotten rid of for a 4-7 season (only one losing one ) but this is just fine and dandy ?Btw the next coach after they thought was much better didn’t do anything with them past second round . I disagree with your assessment of how well things are going but won’t argue with you . It does no good . That’s just how I see it so you are right I have a problem with them and I’m not the only one . Look at how much frankston has improved then look at what Alto has done since their big move . Well then they tripled their wins and got rid of LG and not many people even know what happened there . Let’s be honest are these bad coaches or did they just upset the wrong people. THATS what I’m talking about. I have nothing against the current AD —axe to grind isn’t with him at all . I feel sorry for him in a way he could soon be the victim of this behavior. SMH . He had better watch out for the knife coming for his back . It was assured to many they had these other coaches backs as well I know it’s a win oriented business, but how were things really that bad ? I just see a double standard here and I don’t like it so there’s my 2 cents on what has happened to that program. You did ask for my opinion so there it is .
  8. If Alto wants the same ole thing then that’s what they will get if they want a change I encourage them to go vote May 4th . I do believe results speak for themselves. Will revisit this topic soon enough.
  9. In my opinion several things can change in that system:: Kids BUYING IN being one that comes from the top , however it takes community members who think they know best sitting aside and letting mature coaches with experience leading a team while they butt out . The experience I’ve had with Alto in the past that just does not happen. To many cheifs not enough Indians at this particular point . If they have another 0-10 season or 3-7 season even because their start off is weak what will be the reasoning then ? Wish y’all luck .
  10. Not anymore Alto was 0-10 awful I’d say year before that they were pretty good , but they need a lot of things to change for them to get any better they’ll be lucky to win 3 games this upcoming year if anything like last . By the way kids on last year team for Alto based on what I saw had a bit of an attitude problem.
  11. I believe Carlisle wine . Alto does not seem to be well conditioned enough to stop a running game. They can score points just not stop other team from scoring. I think this will be a high scoring game with Carlisle on top , however Carlisle has struggled to this year so I could be wrong .
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