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  1. No it is the 7 pm start time in my pleasant! Only a 15 minute drive for my Vernon fans and a 1 and 45 mins for Tatum fans! I didn’t get home from work til 6 pm! Can drive nearly 2 hrs in this messy weather to see only a 1/2 of football and drive 2 hours home and then get up at 4:30 am for work again!!! Yeah we got got screwed on where the game is being played tonight!! But those kids will play their hearts out in the second half!!! Go Tatum
  2. My pleasant???? Good grief can we get it any closer to MT Vernon??? That is a full hour and a half drive!!! Good grief!!! Someone get these coaches a map!!
  3. I would comment but since I was told to not comment. Pfff
  4. Easy now dirty bird!! I am always reading just don’t have much to say
  5. Talked to fite tonight! Out for rest of district! Surgery is Wednesday! Maybe back round 2 of playoffs!
  6. Figured it would be a tough game for Tatum but only a 7 point loss to a 4a div1 team ranked #7 …. That is more like a win for the boys from Tatum!! Rest up and get ready for Gladewater!!!
  7. Okay my prediction is Eagles 48 bears 14
  8. Eagles will win!!! I doubt they will score 68 again but I don’t want to eat crow like dirty bird did!!! Hehehe
  9. Imo. I believe there is no such thing. If the other team is crushed they will work harder... if you back off and refuse to score anymore, it will still be a crushing defeat. What is worse??? Knowing that the could have score 20 more times or having them actually score 18 more times??? If they are in your district you must win big, that is how tie breakers are won... if they are a non district opponents in pre district play then it doesn't really matter who wins or loses in high school.
  10. Coach will have the team ready and the fire will be hot after the loss to gladewater!!!
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