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  1. y just slow him down when he can be stopped...he ain't a machine or nothin
  2. hell y not add another post.....this topic has been on here since the begining of the season...and i still say it will be a tough game for both and jefferson will prevail.......good luck to both teams
  3. good idea but jefferson's line will have to wake up
  4. the d-line will get to #'s 1,2,3.....as pip said it will be a defensive battle
  5. jefferson will win...but it seems the last two games they have struggled early...but hopefully they will have their head on straight in the first half...good luck dogs
  6. jefferson will win......i will not comment farther:coolball:
  7. i hope there isn't sum sortt of brawl tonight cuz this topic is instigating really hard....well if there is one i'm proud to say i'll be there to see it.....but yes jefferson will win(the game):zorro:
  8. jefferson=great harleton=good the bottom line is jefferson will win in the end no matter what the deficit......i'm bulldog4-life and i approve this message
  9. one player doesn't make a team...he just helps more than others
  10. jefferson will win, harleton will lose...it's the way it will be...admit it already....but i do think they should have done something about location harleton stands may collapse with all the jefferson fan support
  11. those people must not be doing a very good job jefferson isn't even on the poll
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