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  1. Good one. And what year did I coach you? haha?
  2. Can a "Bear Supporter" explain what has happend to the track program over there? The girls scored 6 points at district. Im sure they had 100 points on the basketball court this year, boys and girls.I would think an AD would want his athletes to compete in track and field.
  3. I dont get on here much, but I heard about the mindless post of Bev. Joey, you are the man. Love, Coach Edwards
  4. We will not have an Invitational in February this year. The Bill Secord is set to start at noon. Please email me for info. I will send info before xmas break [email protected]
  5. Spring Hill is a wonderful place to coach/teach. I have had an extreme amount of success since I made the move amd took a huge pay cut to come here. Sometimes its not about the money when your talking about kids that will walk through fire to please you. I certainly hate losing two fantastic role models for our kids, they must do what is best for their family. We are overworked, yes underpaid, but when you do a good job in the coaching world, are you ever really compensated with money? No, we are compensated with the outcome of our season. I love watching my Juniors and Seniors helping me coac
  6. These are the points that matter the most if your are "TEAM" oriented. You go online and register your best times. They usually take unlimited # of relays but limit other entries to top 18 in individual running and field events. If you have a kid or group of kids trying to compete on the next level, its great exposure for them to run there.
  7. At Gilmer Buckeye Relays March 11, 2011 Spring Hill Lady Panthers 4x1 49.1 4x2 1:45.01 Jessica Jackson Triple Jump 37'5 Long Jump 17'1 Savannah Voelzke, Aliyah Davis High Jump 5'1 TCU Invitational March 19, 2011 Aliya Davis (FAT) 200m dash 24.30 100m dash 12.13
  8. Aliyah Davis - Spring Hill 200 - 24.6 100 - 12.21
  9. The TCU Invitational is on the 19th. Its a very competitive HS meet with several heats so that the competition is evenly matched. They do not run a 4x2 and some of the field events are invite only. You can go to their athletic website and check it out.
  10. Need two teams to fill these meets. Please contact Stacy Edwards [email protected]
  11. Need two teams for each meet: Spring Hill Invitational Feb. 24 Bill Secord April 7th JH Boys Meet March 3 For Information please email: [email protected]
  12. Girls BB - Stephanie Whitmore (d-field) Boys BB - Red Jones (gilmer) Boys Track - Billy Minter (gladewater) Girls Track - Latoya Phelps (greenville)
  13. If Comfort would have wanted the job he would have applied.
  14. District 17-3A Cross Country Meet Varsity Boys 1. Trip Dishman 15:57 Spring Hill 2. Gary Duncan 16:19 Spring Hill 3. Dylin Moran 16:34 Spring Hill 4. Arturo Contreras 16:47 Tatum 5. Taylor Tritten 16:48 Spring Hill 6. Fernando Tirado 17:01 Tatum 7. Dylan Droege 17:07 Spring Hill 8. Donald Sulcer 17:20 Bullard 9. Ariel Juarez 17:31 Tatum 10. Felipe Lopez 17:57 Chapel Hill 11. Carson Watkins 18:39 Tatum 12. Carlos Sanchez 18:43 Gilmer 13. Oscar Sanchez 18:54 Tatum 14. Daniel Ayala 19:02 Gilmer 15. Keaton Boyd 19:06 Bullard 16. David Upto
  15. Varsity Girls 9 am Varsity Boys 9:25 am JV Girls 9:50 am JV Boys 10:10 am Same course as Spring Hill Invitational
  16. At Spring Hill High School August 29 For more information contact Stacy Edwards [email protected]
  17. Congrats to LE and many congrats to Argyle for winning the Region II 3A meet. Argyle has a complete program with competitors pulling big points from all positions. Great job!!
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